Are You Critical or Encouraging?

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Barbara Wentroble

Everyone needs encouragement. We live by encouragement. Without it,
dreams die, life seems hopeless and many people give up trying to achieve their
goals. Most people do a better job when they are encouraged than they do when
they are criticized.

Charles Spurgeon was a man known for his encouraging words. Spurgeon
preached to around 10,000,000 people during his lifetime. He was a prolific
author and pastor. In addition, he founded a college and started several
charitable organizations.

Spurgeon’s words continue to bring life to people today. “Every man
needs a blind eye and a deaf ear, so when people applaud, you’ll only hear half
of it, and when people salute, you’ll only see part of it. Believe only half
the praise and half the criticism.” What encouragement!

Surround yourself with those who will encourage you. You will live by
what they deposit in you. Then, find someone you can encourage. Be a life
giving source of encouragement for someone each day. By giving life away, you
will find life!

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