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Shawn Akers

Recently I read a study that only 69% of practicing Christians pray one time a week, and yet so much is accomplished through these prayers.

Welcome to my four-episode prayer boost, Kingdom Currency, on the New Era Explorers Podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network. Your prayers are making a huge effect in heaven.

Often, we aren’t sure whether the Father is listening or maybe we aren’t praying with power. When you pray, kingdom currency is invested with the greatest care and dividend that you can ever imagine—and we’re pretty good at imagining. Join me for session one, Strengthen Your Kingdom Currency.

I find it’s easy to lose heart when it comes to prayer. There are several reasons for this. One is the simple fact that there are very few positive stories broadcast through our media. We don’t know if our prayers are being answered because we usually hear the bad news. But once you dig a little you will find there are amazing changes in our world that your prayers are affecting. In my weekly encouragement, I like to find these good news items, so you can be refreshed to press into the prayers on your heart. If you haven’t signed up for this once-a-week email go to and register to receive it.

Recently, I found an article from the Office of the U.S. Attorney. I had never been to this site before. I wanted to know if there had been any changes in human trafficking since our prayer initiative on Christmas day of 2018 when 30,000 people joined together with a 30 second prayer for the abolishment of human trafficking. I found articles on the U.S. Attorney’s website that discussed all the arrests that have brought down major trafficking rings in 2020. Did we abolish human trafficking with our 30 second prayer? No, but I believe our prayers were heard, and the Father is responding. Are we the only people who have ever prayed against human trafficking? Of course not! But our prayers added together with all the others is making an influence in our world.

Which brings me to another reason why we lose heart in prayer. We often feel alone as we pray. I don’t mean separated from the Father. We know he’s with us, but is there anyone else out there praying besides me? Am I wasting my time in prayer? Because of this feeling of separation, we stop our prayers, and we move on to something that feels tangible. Something we can see and feel in the natural world, prayers rarely feel tangible. We lose heart, and then the enemy wins. If the enemy can stop the front line attack that our prayers provide, it’s easy to wipe out truth. If you wipe out truth, all forms of foolish thinking occurs. In these days, are we experiencing the kickback from praying less?

The Barna Group did a study in 2020 and discovered there is a 10% drop in people praying once a week. 69% of practicing Christians pray once a week. That’s it. That’s over half of all practicing Christianity praying one time per week—and yet—the Father hears every word and responds to us. That’s strong.

Are you married? Do you talk with your spouse daily? Do you have a close friend who you talk with regularly? When you guys talk, is it for one minute once a week? I don’t think so. Because you receive something tangible from your conversation with your spouse or friend you talk longer. You connect on a personal level over a variety of topics, concerns or needs. This then becomes an issue with prayer. We often don’t feel the connection on that physical or emotional level with the Father. And yet, God is speaking into our spirit. We have to look inward for the heartbeat of God. We have to stop and pause if even for a moment. I find if I pause for a few seconds, He’s right there. We will take time to listen to our friends or spouse because there is a tangible voice we are hearing. It’s a physical action taking place. Prayer is no different. Dad wants us to stop and listen, just like we do with our friends, but it’s where we listen from. And with him, it starts in the inner man.

There is another matter that causes us to lose our desire for prayer. Prayer is a muscle that atrophies as easily as muscles in our body. There is an advertisement that suggests, “A body in motion tends to stay in motion. A body at rest tends to stay at rest.” If we strengthen our physical body through exercise and healthy habits, it becomes stronger. I love the scene in The Holiday. It’s a cute, sweet Christmas movie. In the movie, there’s an elderly man who uses a walker to get around, and he’s being honored by the writer’s guild in Hollywood. The catch is that he wants to walk without help—without his walker.

In order to do this, he has to regain strength. It took a little time to gain the strength he needed just to walk up the stairs. But he did it! So, can we. As the body of Christ, we can strengthen the muscle of prayer by adding into our day a one-minute prayer. Unfortunately, we have made prayer something only highly spiritual people or intercessors do. Prayer is kingdom currency, and it is priceless. As our heavenly Father listens and responds to one prayer per week from 69% of us, imagine how much more if we were to engage in a 1-minute prayer every day? Imagine how our world could be transformed.

Here’s a quick note to intercessors. This idea of a 1-minute daily prayer may seem like weakness to you, but remember, 69% of practicing Christians pray only once a week. The muscle of prayer has atrophied, and we need to build up that muscle over time. Then it can be fully engaged and activated. Be kind to those gaining strength in prayer. Be praying for the 69% to hear this message and respond. Encourage them to take this prayer boost. You are already way ahead of the game having been called as an intercessor to a much deeper level of involvement, yet even you can build the prayer muscle stronger.

In summary, I want to urge you to not lose heart. There are good things happening because of your prayers. You aren’t wasting your time. Your prayers count. Your voice counts. Prayer is the front line of releasing the kingdom on earth. We need more prayer. Let’s pour out a prayer from our heart and fill those golden bowls of incense mentioned in Revelation 5:8.

With that said, here is today’s boost. In order to build and strengthen the prayer muscle, we need to have a simple prayer to pray on a daily basis that will take approximately one minute. The question is, “What is on your heart?” This is most likely what the Father is asking you to pray back into heaven. It’s a simple strategy. You don’t need to look for something difficult or distant from your heart. You don’t have to try to discover something unique or special because there is likely something right there in your heart. The key to making this work is to set an alarm on mark your calendar. Put a note on your fridge or in your car. Tape one to your forehead if it helps. But plan one minute to stop daily and pray what’s on your heart. Stop—listen—and pray! {eoa}

Byron Easterling, along with his wife, Crystal, desire to awaken every believer’s identity in Christ Jesus and more fully empower them to deeply experience the Father’s heart. Byron was mentored by John Paul Jackson, where he learned about his gift and calling. In 1997, Jackson released Byron into his own ministry. Soon after, he was invited by Tony Morton to join CNet (an association of churches and ministries) based in Southampton, England. It was through this relationship that Easterling began ministering extensively in Europe.

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