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Morning Rundown: What Was the Real Jesus Like?

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What Was the Real Jesus Like?

There are many inaccurate portrayals of Jesus in the world today, especially among false religions and their leaders. They will tell people that Jesus eagerly condemned people of their sin.

They say He didn’t always heal people because it’s not always in His will that people are healed. Still others portray Jesus as pious or boring or tolerant. Are any of these descriptions true? What was the real Jesus like?

Many stories in the Bible actually reveal the loving nature of Jesus. If you take the time to read the Word, you cannot deny that Jesus was patient, compassionate and concerned for the lost. We read over and over again of His willingness to heal, His acceptance of the imperfect, and His power to transform lives. Several stories show that Jesus responded to the people who were often times rejected by society.

‘The Cross and the Switchblade’ Author Elizabeth Sherrill Dies at 95   

Sherrill, along with her husband, John, who died in 2017, launched Chosen Books in 1970. Both were faithful followers of Christ and a servant to many.

Rush To Press labeled Sherrill as a “supremely gifted writer and editor.” She wrote more than 30 books and 2,000 articles throughout her lifetime, including “The Cross and the Switchblade”; “God’s Smuggler,” about Brother Andrew; and Return from Tomorrow about the life of George G. Ritchie.

Holiness and the Power of Conviction 

The conviction and conversion experience is the work of the Holy Spirit, sometimes experienced as dramatic and sometimes gentler in nature.

In every case, an encounter with the Holy Spirit arouses an emotional response. And such encounters are not reserved for an elite few, such as the Old Testament patriarchs; they are for everyone.

Jesus guaranteed that all generations would have access to God through the gift of His Holy Spirit.

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