Morning Rundown: What Happens When Your Pastor Wants Social Media Fame More Than Serving Your Church?

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Shelby Bowen

Here’s a quick summary of the top stories on charismamag.com:

What Happens When Your Pastor Wants Social Media Fame More Than Serving Your Church?

Becoming an influential pastor today in American culture has practically become a competitive sport. I’ve seen first hand the backdoor race between evangelists trying to out rank each others ministries for the most salvations. Ministries have even resorted to photoshopping crowds to portray a greater impact.

With that in mind, we sat down with Pastor Marcus Rogers. While he has a clear influence on social media, he emboldens other leaders to take their pastoral role seriously. “Your job of a pastor is not there to be about you. You’re there to serve, and you are there to build up the people,” he says in the Charisma magazine interview.

Former Megachurch Pastor Who Had Affair Now ‘At Peace with God’

If there is one thing that God has engrained into Pastor Jeremy Foster over the past year, it’s grace.

He has received a lot of it, and he’s learning more and more every day how to give it back to others.

The founder of Hope City Church in Houston, Texas—a megachurch with weekend attendance of roughly 12,000—resigned his position as lead pastor over a year ago after confessing to an adulterous affair. During the past year, he has received counseling and has attempted to mend relationships between his ex-wife, his children and his ex-church.

After Asbury and ‘Jesus Revolution,’ I Now ‘Get It’

I’ve been a parent for a little more than 21 years, with a daughter and an 18-year-old son. In all that time, I was under the impression that my children, GenZers and many millennials simply didn’t get it.

As a Christian for more than 33 years and a man who has worked for a Christian media company for nearly 11 years, I always wondered why these youngsters were so dissatisfied with the church—and with God, for that matter. Why, as many continue to believe and to report, are the majority of the youth leaving the church and shunning the things their parents are trying to instill in them?

After all, as the Bible says in Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today and forever.”

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