Morning Rundown: Hundreds of Young Adults Embrace Christ in Spontaneous Baptisms

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Hundreds of Young Adults Embrace Christ in Spontaneous Baptisms

One year after the stunning, 16-day, non-stop worship service at Asbury University, an outpouring of sorts still appears to be striking various schools and student bodies across America.

Case-in-point: well-known ministry leaders Jennie Allen, Jonathan Pokluda and others baptized hundreds of University of Georgia students Wednesday night.

Rather than immersions in traditional baptismal pools, many of the students professed their faith in the backs of pickup trucks outside a fraternity—a truly unique setting.

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Joseph Z: Earthquakes, CERN and the Antichrist Agenda

In his latest livestream, prophetic voice Joseph Z dove in deep about how our ongoing events point to the Antichrist’s agenda and what’s to come after the eclipse.

“Earthquakes are a sign of a collision of kingdoms,” Z says. “And it is more and more of that we’re going to see.”

This original word came in February, and was just streamed earlier today. As we’ve now seen, Taiwan has been completely shaken by the earth’s tremoring. Also, a 4.8 earthquake in New York City and New Jersey took place today.

Solar Eclipse Finds Its Center in the Empty Cross

The total solar eclipse crossing the country on Monday, April 8 is passing over Kerrville, TX, the home of an incredible prayer garden that shares the Gospel through artwork and a 77-foot 7-inch cross visible from nearby Interstate 10. The sculpture, aptly named the “Empty Cross,” outlines a cross.

Max Greiner, the creator of the cross and garden, is a fervent former Southern Baptist who enjoys sharing how he received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and witnessed people coming to Jesus, even experiencing miracles when visiting the prayer garden. He claims that 100 people canceled suicides after encountering Jesus there.

I’ve known Max for years; he’s always enthusiastic about the Lord and his latest projects. Last fall, when an annular eclipse on Oct. 14, 2023, passed over Kerrville, he mentioned that both that eclipse and the one this month only passed at the prayer garden, forming a huge cross. He finds significance in this, as apparently do many others.

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