Is The Eclipse God’s Supernatural Call to Repentance?

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Abby Trivett

Is the coming eclipse a sign of judgment? Is this our moment of necessary repentance?

In his exclusive interview with Charisma News, Troy Anderson tackled the subject of what the coming eclipse means for us, and how both peace and repentance are signs correlate with the eclipse of 2017 and the one taking place on April 8.

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“Eclipses actually happen fairly often. And usually over the ocean. So that’s what’s unusual about these is you had the one over land that moved across the country in 2017,” Anderson says. “It moved through all these cities called Salem…and then you now have this one coming up on April 8, that goes through all these cities called Nineveh, and there’s one city called Jonah.”

What makes the names of these towns significant is not only how their intersecting paths create an ‘X,’ but that they each symbolize something completely different. Salem means “peace” while Nineveh is a call to repentance, just as it was when Jonah went to the people of Nineveh and called for them to turn toward God.

“When you compare the 2017 eclipse to the 2024 it essentially forms this gigantic X and sort of the heart of America,” Anderson says. “It’s in roughly Carbondale, Illinois area. And that area is also known as Little Egypt.”

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Egypt, of course, is the nation where God led the Israelites out of slavery. It is the place of which God rescued His people and performed miraculous signs and wonders to show that He is the Lord. Perhaps by highlighting towns for repentance God is also highlighting the fact that He still can rescue us from a place of bondage.

Anderson says even Billy Graham made an excellent point about Jonah in regards to Nineveh and repentance.

“He said that when God sent the prophet Jonah to Nineveh to warn the judgment that the king of the people repented. And he said he believes the same thing can happen again, this time in America.”

More than just a symbolic call for prayer and repentance, Nineveh itself experienced an eclipse right before Jonah came to their city, pleading with them to seek God. This was a physical sign of God tugging on His people’s hearts to come back to Him.

“God is calling us not only just to repent and really turn away from our sins as a nation and as a church, but to join the army, join the effort to take action to do everything Jesus told us to do,” Anderson says.

As we see further advances with artificial intelligence, technology, revivals and a shift away from Christianity in our culture, there couldn’t possibly be a better time for our nation to turn from wickedness and toward God’s mercy.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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