Morning Rundown: Are You Desperate for the Holy Spirit Yet?

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Are You Desperate for the Holy Spirit Yet?

When I say the church in America is in a mess, that’s not an oversimplification, and it’s certainly not some allegorical statement. We are literally in a mess. From false prophets to woke agendas, the church has fallen prey to all manner of unbiblical foolishness. We’ve jumped on every church growth bandwagon imaginable, and with each passing decade, the body of Christ in this nation has drifted further and further from biblical truth.

Sound doctrine and true Holy Spirit power have become so foreign to this generation that we have blatantly humanized God, deified man and willingly glorified sin. We have to stop screaming love and acceptance while God Himself is screaming, abomination and unholiness.

The church is being called into a season of deep repentance and humility. The glory of God is rising among a righteous remnant of people who are tired of status-quo Christianity—men and women who long for true integrity of heart, boldness of speech and the unction to break free from religious bondage.

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3 Days of Darkness and Deception Disguised as Religious Holidays

Most Bible believers are familiar with the ninth plague that fell on Egypt right before Israel’s exodus. God commanded Moses, “Stretch out your hand toward heaven, that there may be darkness over the land of Egypt, darkness which may even be felt,” (Exod. 10:21). It happened! The darkness was so intense, the Egyptians never left their homes.

That storyline parallels something similar that happens globally every year: three consecutive days of spiritual darkness and deception that settle over the world disguised as religious holidays (holy days).


Masquerading in costumes and children “Trick-or-Treating” door-to-door looks innocent, but this day hides a sinister past. Originally, an ancient pagan celebration called Samhain (pronounced sow-in), it was a dreadful night full of occult rituals performed by Druid priests as the darkness of winter approached. It included wearing costumes (often animal skins and heads), not for fun but to ward off evil ghosts. Witches and wiccans to this day believe it is a day when communication wth the dead is most advantageous. Supposedly, the “veil” between the natural and spiritual realms is at its thinnest, most penetrable point.

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Shaky Financial Future: Younger Christians Show Decline in Local Church Support

Data for the study was gathered online through a survey of 2,016 U.S. adults, conducted from Nov. 12–19, 2021. An additional online survey of 516 U.S. Protestant senior pastors was also conducted from March 25–April 5, 2022.

The study shows that while millennials and Gen Z adults are great when it comes to giving their time to churches, some 51% of pastors say they’re “very concerned” about them not financially supporting the church, while another 43% are “somewhat concerned.”

“The fact is financial giving is a driving force of a church’s efforts,” the study says.

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