Joseph Z: 3 Theories About Recent UFO Sightings

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Shawn Akers

In February, the U.S. shot down mystery objects that were rumored to be an alien spaceship, The Economic Times reported. The report says American fighter jets shot down four high-altitude objects in airspace above the U.S. and Canada starting from Feb. 4.

While the Feb. 4 spy balloon was linked to China, other three objects sighted over Michigan, Canada and Alaska are yet to be classified.

The founder of Joseph Z Ministries says the narrative about UFOs has “come back on the scene” with a lot of momentum, and that the narrative can lead to only one conclusion—deception.

“The alien-UFO thing, I’ve whittled it down to three things,” Joseph Z says. “And I’ve prayed about this. I’ve researched it and I’ve looked into it.

“What they (the media, conspiracy theorists) are doing is dumbing down the culture so much. You have so much social media that is brainwashing people by a short, one-minute clip, or 20-second clip or five-second clip. That’s training people to think a certain way. Hollywood has trained people to think a certain way.”

There are explanations for the UFOs, Joseph Z says, and he believes, from what he derives from Scripture, there are three things that “aliens are.”

“The first one I think it could be is a strange technology that is by governmental entities or foreign adversaries, or unknown technology origins that are totally of this earth, totally of humanity. It’s technology we don’t fully have a grasp on and yet we can see it around our skies; that we can take photos of and we can empirically observe it.

“The second one I believe could be happening is a fake alien scenario—augmented reality stuff, projections in the sky or things that many have heard of like Project Blue Beam, where they blast things up in the sky like the Spider Man movie. … It’s drones projecting an image that had a lot of reality behind that image. I believe that is a precursor to a Project Blue Beam type of thing.

Project Blue Beam is a long-standing but unproven conspiracy theory first talked about by Canadian investigative journalist Serge Monast in the mid-1990s. The theory has resurfaced again, claiming the project was created by agents of the Pentagon and NASA.

“You see drones that go into the sky and they can write things in the air and do all kinds of amazing things, that’s what the public sees,” Joseph Z says. “And why would they do that? Because whoever controls the narrative can unite the world under what they want. I think there’s a truth in that, that there will be more revealed or concealed to deceive the masses upon either the rapture or something else.”

It’s a common movie theme. Think “Independence Day,” a totally fictional but popular film.

“I enjoy the entertainment, and it is a part of our culture that people think about,” Joseph Z says. “Can you imagine if we used that for the gospel?”

The third and final theory, Joseph Z says, is the most nefarious and carries the most weight and deserves a great deal of conversation.

“It’s the fallen angel narrative that broke out in Genesis 6, where the sons of God, these angels, these watchers, came down and cohabitated with women,” he says. “That is one of two things, either sexual relations and they created monster people like Goliath called the Nephilim, or they have altered women’s DNA to create things and they mess with animals, all this stuff. ”

Joseph Z, a prophetic seer, received a prophetic word from the Lord to write his book, “Servants of Fire: Secrets of the Unseen War and Angels Fighting for You,” where he says he deals with “fallen angel technology” and fallen angels, what their real purpose is and why they are trying to counterfeit the gospel.

“Fallen angels want to deceive, and I believe they have the ability to understand technology and multiple dimensions,” Joseph Z says. “That’s why you can see these alien craft appearing and disappearing. … You’ve got these experts that do not know God and saying it’s massless, it’s obviously from another planet or universe. Really, it just goes into this deception.”

Joseph Z says we will continue to see more and more disclosure on UFOs, to the point where video and graphics become so clear that they become believable and people will begin to say that “we are not alone in the universe.”

“They will completely bring out disclosure until they finally reveal the truth,” he says. “And the truth they will bring out is the deception that says ‘we are your creators,’ we planted you here, we did all of it. It all goes back to Genesis 6. It is a lying scenario, by fallen angels rebelling against God and they are working for Lucifer.

“They want to begin to deceive the masses to lead people away from Jesus. But the answer is the same. Jesus Christ is Lord.” {eoa}

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma News.

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