How Much Money Is Too Much Money?

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James Lasher

There is no reason for Christians to be fearful of finances, but it is essential that instead of fear they have wisdom, discernment and biblical understanding.

The Lord looks at the hearts of His followers, searching for ones He knows can be trusted to further His kingdom utilizing finances that He blesses them with.

This is a great responsibility, one that should be taken seriously, and when using the resources the Lord blesses one with for His purposes and glory, is there such thing as too much money?

Financial expert and Pastor Jim Baker of Zion Christian Fellowship in Powell, Ohio, recently sat down with Charisma News to address this very topic, Christians and the money God entrusts them with.

“Christians are more afraid of finances than they are the mark of the beast,” claims Baker.

“Here’s the thing: more money equals more impact. For the believer, we’re blessed to be a blessing. You know what that means? You first must be blessed. It’s hard to fill up someone else’s cup if your pitcher’s empty. It’s hard to go into all the world if you can’t afford to go to the store… [even] Jesus had a treasurer,” explains Baker.

“We’re not talking about building wealth for wealth’s sake. We’re not trying to get enough money so we don’t have to trust God. God is looking for people who love not the world, so [He] can trust them with the things of this world,” adds Baker.

The world is a “bigger” place than it was during the days of the disciples. With instant communication and faster travel options than they could ever imagine, Christians are able to go into areas that were previously off limits before in days of old. Christians are called to take part in and revolutionize the business, political and cultural worlds that desperately need revival.

God has remained unchanging in His desire to have believers grow His kingdom on earth, says Baker, and it is up to Christians to engage with the world and utilize the resources God blesses us with in a wise and biblical manner: “God has [a] kingdom. It’s an unshakeable kingdom that [is] supposed to stay unchanging, because God is unchanging. And God is the source. Everything else is just a resource, and the source never changes,” says Baker.

How Christians use the resources God gives them, however, is up to the condition of their heart according to Baker.

“Money is neutral. Money is not evil …. Money takes on the character of whoever is holding it. So, if someone is greedy and they get more money, it only amplifies what is already in their heart. If someone is generous and they get more money, it only amplifies what’s already in there …. The only thing in this equation that can change is you. So that’s good news because you can learn how to tap into these kingdom principles, and how to have money, to turn those dollars into soldiers to accomplish kingdom purposes,” Baker explains.

If a Christian has their eyes and heart set on growing the kingdom of God above all things, and is entrusted with wealth for that very purpose, is there such a thing as too much resources to grow the kingdom?

Joseph had almost unlimited resources and wealth at his disposal in the kingdom of Egypt, and Esther was queen over a nation, but they both placed the will of God at the forefront of their hearts.

When it comes to wealth, finances and investments, it behooves every Christian to take an introspective look at their own heart and motivation behind success. Is God and growing His kingdom the driving forces behind the desire for success? Or does the thought of having more money bring with it a false sense of security?

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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