Fasting is Feasting on God

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Vlad Savchuck

When I am fasting, the Lord reminds me that my body’s hunger is what my spirit feels when I don’t consume spiritual food. Food and drink for our spirit is a necessity (Psalm 42:2, Matthew 5:6).

Humanity’s First Temptation

In the garden, the first temptation was with food. Jesus’s first temptation in the wilderness was also with food. Israel’s first temptation in the desert was with water and food.

Fasting is a reminder that our spiritual part needs food as well, that is the Word of God (bread).

It is interesting that God took Israel through fasting right after their deliverance from Egypt (Deuteronomy 8:3). Unfortunately, Israel did not learn this truth in the wilderness. Their bodies and spirits fasted because they failed to feed their spirit man.

When the body fasts, the spirit should be feasting.

In Matthew 4:4, when Jesus was tempted, he quoted the same verse that described Israel’s time of fasting when they had not yet learned to feast on God’s Word, “Man shall not live by bread alone.”

When your body is fasting, give your spirit a feast by consuming God’s Word.

Don’t Doubt

The devil cannot defeat us until he disarms us. His best tactic to do so is to either make us doubt God’s Word, ignore it, or block His Word from our mind (Matthew 13:19).

My friend, fasting is more about feasting on spiritual food and less about abstaining from physical food. It is a reminder that we are spirits who need spiritual nourishment every day.

When you fast, replace your normal eating habits with the reading of God’s Word, meditation, memorization of Scriptures, and prayer. Stop all entertainment and unnecessary activities and fill yourself with edifying things that will nourish your spirit. Drink deeply from the rivers of the Holy Spirit.

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Vladimir Savchuk is the lead pastor of Hungry Generation Church and author of Break FreeSingle, Ready to Mingle and Fight Back. He is also a founder of a virtual online school. To download free e-books, sermon series and small group study guides, go to vladimirsavchuk.com.

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