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Sandra Clifton, D. Min.

(Part 1)

God’s Word helps you experience more of His magnificent presence and purpose for your life. The only way to really stand in strength is to stand in Christ, knowing Who He is and who you are in Him. Seek God. It is only through Him that you will find courage, peace, joy and fulfillment.

READ: Ps. 16:11; Is. 58:11; Acts 17:28; Eph. 6:13; Phil. 2: 13; 1 Pet. 1:1-9.
HEART ISSUE: If you are seeking more of God in your life, ask Him to work on the inside of you, transforming your fears into faith.
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank You that You will multiply my efforts to spend more time with You. I trust You to impart to me everything I need for the future challenges I will face. I ask that Your power would increase in me in the measure I need to succeed in all I do for Your kingdom. Amen.

(Part 2)

How would you like to receive a dynamic spiritual makeover? Perhaps the cry of your heart today is to be so transformed that your life takes on deeper meaning and purpose on every level. You can trust God to finish the work He began in you and bring to pass all elements of His will for your life.

READ: Ps. 69:33; John 7:46; John 15:7; Acts 3:6; Phil. 4:1; Heb. 12: 2.
HEART ISSUE: Take time this week to read the Gospels and to focus on Jesus’ teachings on faith. Be open to putting more of your faith into practice as you abide in Jesus Christ.
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, in the name of Jesus, thank You for teaching me to abide in You 24/7. You are my source of strength in times of weakness, and I give You praise that You are transforming me into a person of greater courage and deeper faith. Amen.

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