Amazed by the Supernatural

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Sandra Clifton, D. Min.

(PART 1)

Consider the magnitude of God’s awesome power. It is without end or limitation. As believers, you and I can enter into His realm of supernatural power and experience thrilling adventures as we come to know His ways and His workings. 

READ: Ex. 14:21-22; Ex. 15:11; Mark 11:24; Acts 8:39-40; John 14:12; 2 Cor. 12:2.
HEART ISSUE: Do you desire a greater understanding of the supernatural nature of God? If so, it is essential that you spend time with Him. What is holding you back?
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, use me today and every day in a great way for Your great purposes. Let me not limit You, Lord. Move me to new heights and depths in You, so that I can experience more of Your anointing to accomplish Your purposes in my life. Amen.

(PART 2)

In the past, God has chosen to visit His people with greater demonstrations of His supernatural power than were witnessed by the previous generation. Take some moments in the middle of your day to contemplate a few of the miracles in the Bible.

READ: 2 Kin. 6:5-7; Ps. 136; Matt. 14:17-21; Mark 16:17-18; Acts 19:11-12; 1 Cor. 12:7-11.
HEART ISSUE: Would you like to have extraordinary supernatural adventures in God? Dwell on how much God loves you and desires to use you to display His power and glory.
PRAYER FOCUS: Father, thank You for using me as Your instrument of miracles and power—all for Your glory. Thank You for opening the realm of the Spirit to me and deepening my faith. Prepare me to minister Your hope to others. Amen.

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