‘American Sniper’ Widow Taya Kyle Forgives and Clings to Jesus 11 Years After Tragedy

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Taya Kyle faced a real-life nightmare Feb. 2, 2013, when her husband, U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, and his friend, Chad Littlefield, were murdered at a Texas gun range by a former Marine they were trying to help.

The loving wife and mom of two has bravely shared her family’s story and worked diligently to inspire others to process and navigate their pain. Her latest project, “Prayers for Bears: Bailey the Grateful Bear,” is a children’s book that reflects her family’s story.

“We’re about 11 years out of Chris’s murder — just over 11 years,” Kyle told CBN News, explaining how she has had to focus on gratitude over the years to navigate such profound loss. “When he first was killed, I remember talking to a friend of mine, saying, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to afford our house.’”

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But her friend assured her she would always have a roof over her head and food to eat. That encouraging friend reminded Kyle there are people who love and care about the family.

In the end, this advice was proven true despite the difficulties the family faced. That reminder has helped Kyle and her children, Colton, 19, and McKenna, 18, refocus on thankfulness.

“My kids and I pick that up and we pray that, even to this day,” Kyle said. “[We pray], ‘Thank you, God, for the roof over our head and the food to eat it.’”

She continued, “Those are blessings. And even if it doesn’t negate that bad things are happening when you’re grateful, I think that’s an important point.”

Remembering the good and bad can coexist — difficulties and times of gratitude can coincide — is something Kyle now seeks to instill in readers and fans.

She, of course, knows a great deal about finding hope amid struggles, as she and her children had to deal with the very public loss of her husband, a revered sniper known for his incredible skills.

The process of journeying through loss was “messy,” Kyle admitted.

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“The great news is that I believe God prepares us for the things that are going to happen to us later,” she said. “He just does it really lovingly and really gently, so we can’t predict the bad thing that’s coming.”

Kyle said she now sees how the Lord equipped her and her family well before Chris was killed. She recalled how she began clinging deeper to her faith while Chris was still in the military and deployed, relying on God to navigate fear, find joy, and cope with loss.

“So, I think, in a lot of ways, God had already prepared me by knowing that He’s the one — He is going to be there,” she said. “He could lift my fear when I had it. … I get chills talking about it. He had been so present in my life in different ways that were undeniable that I knew I had Him to rely on.”

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