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Pastor Greg Locke with Benny Hinn: God Putting Deliverance Ministry Front and Center

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James Lasher

In a recent live interview, Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church and Benny Hinn sat down together in a surprise union.

Now, you would think they had been friends for years. That is the unification power of the Holy Spirit at work, and not only has past offense been humbly done away with, there are strategies in the works for increasing deliverance ministry.

“This is the greatest need in the body of Christ,” Hinn tells the audience watching the live interview.

“Anyone who is afraid of deliverance has a demon,” Hinn adds.

Discussing the ‘revival’ of deliverance ministry of which Locke is at the forefront, Hinn shared of his own experience over the years of casting out demons from people.

The screaming, throwing up, foaming at the mouth, all things that both men of God had witnessed and agree needs to become a mainstay in Christianity again.

“This is the number one ministry of Jesus,” Locke proclaims. “He cast out more demons than anything else that He ever did.”

This phenomenon was not relegated to only the Son of God either.

Luke 10:17 says “The seventy returned with joy, saying, ‘Lord, even the demons are subject to us through Your name.'”

Not just the 12 disciples either, but many who were sent out in Jesus’ name were given authority over the enemy, which Paul also writes about in Ephesians 10:16-18. This is a call to spiritual arms for all who believe in Jesus Christ, and the meeting of these two titans of the faith is evidence of that.

Recalling many of the various manifestations he encountered of the decades of Miracle Crusades, Hinn emphasized the need for deliverance not just in secular communities, but for Christians and pastors as well.

This unification of leaders, from different backgrounds and generations, shows how the Lord can work anything for His good and His glory.

“We need you,” Hinn told Locke. “I’m going to stand with you and behind you because, where would we be today without the power of God’s people? And here is a man at one time didn’t believe in any of this and today God is using him.”

As God continues to do new things in the lives of each and every believer, this sign of unity in the body of Christ stands as a beacon of hope for those who seek the forgiveness of others. Through that forgiveness the Lord is forging new relationships and new ministries.

With the reemergence of deliverance ministry and a new battalion of spiritual warriors at the helm, the devil would be right to fear what the Lord has in store for him.

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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