4 Ways to Hear God’s Voice

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Chad Dunlap

Understanding the various degrees of hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit is crucial for believers seeking guidance in their everyday lives. In this article, we explore the four distinct channels of communication: Word, Wisdom, Whisper and Wonders. Each plays a unique role in our spiritual journey, providing insights into God’s will and transforming our internal landscapes.

The Foundation: Word. The Word stands as the primary means through which we hear the Holy Spirit. Rooted in Scripture, it serves as the foundation for all other forms of communication. As the saying goes, “Ninety-nine percent of your spiritual problems will be solved if you simply implemented the basics.” The Word is the anchor against which all other messages are measured. David Diga Hernandez says, “The Word is the primary way we hear Him. It’s the foundation, and everything else is measured by that standard.”

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Result of the Word: Wisdom. Wisdom emerges as the natural outcome of immersing oneself in the Word. It is not a specific instruction but rather a purposeful pull of God on one’s life. “The more you’re in the Word, the greater your Wisdom will grow. It’s a form of the Holy Spirit speaking to us,” Hernandez teaches. The more we engage with the Word, the greater our Wisdom grows. This divine reasoning becomes a reliable source of guidance, making Wisdom the second-most-trustworthy channel for hearing the Holy Spirit.

Direct Communication: Whisper. The Whisper represents a more direct form of communication from the Holy Spirit to the individual. While the Word and Wisdom are more frequent channels, the Whisper involves the Holy Spirit speaking directly to the believer. “”The Whisper is where the Holy Spirit begins to speak directly to you. It complements the Word and Wisdom, providing personal guidance,” Hernandez says.

It is essential to distinguish the Whisper from Wisdom, as mistaking one for the other can lead to confusion. Though less common, the Whisper holds its own significance in personal communication with God.

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Prophetic Revelations: Wonders. Wonders encompass the prophetic, where God communicates through signs and wonders, often involving other individuals. “Wonders, the prophetic, involve God speaking to others through signs and miracles. However, it’s the least reliable way to hear God due to potential deception,” Hernandez says. While Wonders can be powerful, they are considered the least reliable means of hearing God due to the potential for deception. It is crucial to approach Wonders with discernment, recognizing that even Satan can replicate miraculous events.

As we embark on the journey into 2024, embracing the four pillars of Word, Wisdom, Whisper and Wonders can bring stability, confidence and a deeper fellowship with the Holy Spirit. By prioritizing the Word and allowing it to cultivate Wisdom, believers can navigate the complexities of life, discern the Whisper of the Holy Spirit and appreciate the significance of Wonders in their spiritual journeys. May this framework, grounded in the basics, lead to a transformative and powerful experience, bringing forth the glory of God in both personal and communal lives.

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Chad Dunlap is the executive vice president for business development at Charisma Media.

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