Use God’s Wilderness Season for You to Bless the World

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James Lasher

All too often, we see hard-charging Christians take the bull by the horns and jump into the deep end of ministry only to realize they were not ready for what the Lord had planned for them.

Times of preparation are a constant lesson taught in the Bible. David had many seasons in the wilderness before he became king; Paul prepared for several years before his apostolic ministry actually began; and Jesus prepared His entire life before His approximately three years of earthly ministry.

In a recent YouTube video, prophetic voice Shawn Bolz encourages fellow Christians not to despise these times, but embrace them, because God is raising up figures of influence to declare His goodness and mercy to the world.

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Divine Preparation Unveiled: Bolz encourages believers by highlighting Matthew 5:14, emphasizing the divine mandate for Christians to shine as lights in the world. He says, “God has never made you to be somebody who’s hidden… but He’s made you to be a lamp on a stand to shine from the highest place of culture.”

Even when the waiting becomes tedious and thoughts of doubt may creep in, this season of preparation is for something greater. Jesus intends for His disciples to go out into the world, not hide from it. So no matter how long we may end up waiting, it won’t last forever.

Various Avenues of Influence: Bolz challenges conventional notions of Christian influence, asserting that God is raising up individuals to impact culture through various means. He asserts, “God’s promoting some of you to do something maybe to be a voice in an area that he’s prepared you for all along.”

This perspective encourages individuals to explore unconventional avenues such as podcasting, writing or technological innovation. Remember, we are called to go out into all the world, including the digital one.

Hidden Years as Crucial Preparation: Drawing parallels with Jesus’ hidden years, Bolz urges individuals to view their preparatory seasons as essential for their upcoming roles in society. He reflects, “Those hidden years… became the seedbed or the wilderness… where Jesus was prepared.”

If Jesus needed this time to prepare for the plans God had for His life, so too should we emulate Jesus’ obedience, submission and patience while waiting on the Lord.

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Opportunities for Growth: Bolz lifts up those who are struggling in discerning God’s voice and understanding their role in the current season. He encourages personal growth and spiritual development, stating, “If you’re already going after wisdom… He gives you more wisdom and He gives you more knowledge.”

This is accomplished when people make it a priority to spend time in the Bible and in prayer. The Lord spiritually grows and nurtures us as we dig deeper and deeper into His Word and not a second of that time is wasted.

Empowerment through Divine Guidance: Grounding his insights in biblical wisdom, Bolz emphasizes the importance of seeking God’s guidance. Quoting Exodus 4:12, he asserts, “Now therefore go… and I will be with you in your mouth.” Bolz underscores that empowerment stems from aligning oneself with God’s purposes and actively pursuing His guidance.

When we finally set off to accomplish what the Lord has set before us, we aren’t doing so under our own authority and power, but His.

Ultimately, waiting for God involves surrendering to His timing, cultivating perseverance and nurturing unwavering faith in His promises, knowing that His plans are perfect and His timing is always right.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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