Top of the Week: Jeremiah Johnson Releases Prophetic Dream for IHOPKC

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Jeremiah Johnson Releases Prophetic Dream for IHOPKC

After holding back since Nov. 9, 2023, Jeremiah Johnson has finally broken his silence about his prophetic dream on the events surrounding Mike Bickle and the International House of Prayer, Kansas City.

On a Facebook and Instagram post, Johnson labeled the dream “IHOPKC, Exposure, and the Awakening.”

The dream, full of imagery, describes the setting of the dream to be similar to the Vatican.

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Tragic House Fire Kills Pastor, 2 Kids After He Tried to Save Their Lives

An Ohio pastor and father of eight died while trying to save his two sons from a fire that engulfed their family home in Orient shortly after midnight Tuesday.

Pastor Mark Robinette is being remembered as a hero after saving his wife and two children from a house fire.

“He pushed some of them out the window but he was determined he was going to get them all out and if there was a way he would have,” Mark’s brother-in-law, Geoffrey Trapani, told WBNS-TV.

Charisma’s Strang Calling for Patience and Grace in IHOPKC Investigation

In the latest episode of “The Strang Report,” Charisma Founding Editor Stephen Strang delves into the ongoing investigation at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City, particularly focusing on its founder, Mike Bickle, and the accusations being made against him.

Strang shares his heart on the need for restoration for all parties involved, and is deeply concerned for the impact this controversy will have on the body of Christ. There is history between Charisma and Bickle dating back to 1990 through early coverage of 24/7 prayer at IHOP.

“I want you to know that I believe in him [Bickle]. He is my friend. I do not hide it,” shares Strang. “I don’t think it’s ever wrong to stand for your friends. And no matter how this comes out, Mike Bickle is my friend. That doesn’t mean I excuse anything Mike Bickle does or has done.”

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How ‘The Chosen’ Is Taking the Gospel to Millions

The wildly popular TV series “The Chosen,” now in its fourth season, is likely to break records this week in terms of its audience. The show, which began as a low-budget project in 2017, has already been streamed by 600 million people. The first three episodes of Season 4 will be shown in theaters this week. My prediction is that Hollywood executives won’t be able to ignore its success.

Who would have ever imagined a few years ago that a crowdfunded TV show about the life of Jesus—spread out over seven seasons—would become a global phenomenon? Media observers expect “The Chosen” to gross more than $300 million when all episodes of Season 4 are shown on the big screen during the month of February. After that, the season will be aired on the Chosen app and on various streaming services including Netflix, Amazon and Peacock.

But the most exciting development is that “The Chosen” is beginning to gain big audiences overseas. The BBC ran a feature on the show’s popularity on Jan. 24, just before the London premiere of Season 4—and word on the street is that a sizable British fanbase is developing. Meanwhile in Brazil, “The Chosen” is now the fourth most-watched TV show on Netflix—and it’s in the top 10 throughout all of Latin America.

IHOPKC’s Fuller Dealing with New Developments

In recent days, General Kurt Fuller has found himself facing pressure from The Advocate Group for yet another independent investigation. The veteran military officer and newly appointed leader of IHOPKC is navigating turbulent waters as he addresses the demands for transparency and accountability.

After finding credible evidence against IHOPKC founder Mike Bickle and his removal from leadership, former Executive Director Stuart Greaves stepped down as well, and General Fuller was appointed the new Executive Director of IHOPKC.

In a video statement, Fuller revealed the challenges he has encountered in dealing with The Advocate Group’s push for another investigation. He stated, “For the past several days, I’ve been under enormous pressure from The Advocate Group, their attorney and external leaders to immediately concede to their demands for yet another independent investigation.”

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