The Supernatural Link Between Jubilee and America

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James Lasher

In a recent interview with Pastor Vlad Savchuk, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn discusses his latest book, “The Josiah Manifesto,” which delves into the profound connection between America and the biblical concept of the Jubilee.

The Jubilee represents the 50th year, a time of restoration, redemption and reversals. Cahn discusses with Savchuk the significance of the Jubilee and how it is intricately linked to America’s history and current events.

The Jubilee: A Time of Restoration and Redemption

The Jubilee, as Cahn explains, was a time of renewal and justice in ancient Israel. Every 50th year, land was returned to its original owners, prisoners were set free and debts were forgiven. However, there was also an aspect of judgment and restitution; if someone had wrongfully taken land, it would be reclaimed during the Jubilee.

Cahn’s book “The Josiah Manifesto” takes readers on a journey through prophetic mysteries that ultimately lead to a blueprint for navigating contemporary challenges. It begins with an intriguing story in Cuba, where Cahn was invited to mark a unique moment of religious freedom. His encounter with Fidel Castro set the stage for a profound revelation linked to the Jubilee.

During his visit to Cuba, Cahn was invited to meet Castro, bearing three significant objects and a prophetic word. These objects included a Bible, a prophetic object and a written prophecy. Remarkably, the prophetic word accurately foretold the time of Castro’s departure from power down to the precise year, month, week, day and hour. This extraordinary event set the stage for the unfolding of a greater mystery, one that would profoundly affect America.

The Impact on America

Cahn draws a parallel between what happened in Cuba and America, emphasizing the biblical principle that a nation’s actions toward its children will come back to affect it. In the early 1970s, America made a significant choice when it began legalizing abortion, thereby shedding the blood of its unborn children. This ominous decision took place in 1970, a pivotal year that would resonate 50 years later in 2020.

“America began taking the lives of its children, shedding the blood of hits children in 1970,” explains Cahn. “That is when abortion unto man entered the land. Roe v. Wade was 1973, but this was when it began. And so, if you go to the Jubilee of that 50 years later … it goes to 2020.”

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The year 2020 marked the Jubilean year of abortion in America, precisely 50 years after the nation’s shift toward legalized abortion. As Cahn points out, the book of Jeremiah warns that when a nation takes the lives of its children, it will face retribution, often in the form of a great plague or pandemic. Tragically, this prophecy seemed to manifest with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

“We all remember when our lives were changed; it was in March, when President Trump went on the air, and he said … ‘America is now quarantined.’ Lockdowns began, the stock market crashed, it was [a] pandemic,” Cahn says. “They called it ‘the day that changed everything.’ That’s in March, now if you go back [to] 1970, there was a day that we actually began killing children. It [abortion] was legalized on that day, it was March 11, 1970.”

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s “The Josiah Manifesto” offers even more of the profound exploration of the Jubilee’s connection to America’s history and current events. The alignment of dates and events is indeed striking, prompting readers to contemplate the spiritual significance and ramifications of allowing the murder of God’s children into America.

“The Josiah Manifesto” expertly highlights the spiritual and physical reality that actions have consequences and the choices a nation makes can shape its destiny in profound and unexpected ways.

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.

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