United in the Storm: Simultaneous Global Revival

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I was in intercession a number of years back when the Lord showed me a vision displaying a map of the world on a chess board. As I watched, chess pieces came from heaven and were strategically placed. When the final piece was put in place, the entire board ignited with revival fire. The Lord said, “A time is coming when you will no longer need to run to one country to experience my revival. Rather, I will gather My people through a simultaneous global revival.” When I look into the Spirit today, this is exactly what I see happening in the church.

What we are about to experience as a church is what our forefathers prayed and decreed for centuries. In fact, for the first time since the charismatic renewal, we see the church evolving across tribes, nations and tongues. The lockdown restrictions we see in the American church are the same for the South African, Mexican, Canadian and Swiss church! Christians are no longer scattered throughout the nations. Rather, the Lord has united us for the first time in decades to change and stand.

We have indeed finally become a peculiar nation, haven’t we? In our losses, persecution and suffering, we have lifted our voices to pray and seek God together for answers man can no longer give us. Gone are the prayers of “more for me, Lord.”

No, we are too desperate to pray for more gifts and glory. Rather, we are on our faces crying out to the King of kings to save our nations and our loved ones. Through this, the heart of the church has begun to beat once again.

It is when there is darkness over the earth that the light can shine. So it is time to stop complaining about the darkness. It is time to thank God for the darkness because it positions us to be the source of light that will draw kings to our rising (Isa. 60).

So, yes, church, a storm is coming! A deep darkness will cover the earth. In amongst this though, the Lord is gathering His remnant from all nations. Just as the early church was scattered amongst idol worshippers and immorality, so are we as believers surrounded by darkness. Never before have we had such an opportunity to be the defining difference between darkness and light.

Church will no longer be restricted to Sunday services but will be spread to the workplace, the entertainment industry, political parties and social media.

For indeed I have closed the doors on you,” says the Lord. “My church, I have closed the doors to the throne rooms where you have gone to worship, so that I might invite you to come and worship at My feet.

I call upon my bride now to usher in the move that my prophets are birthing. I call all—great and small—to receive a fresh impartation from Me for the times that lie ahead. For you will soon see the value in the treasure that has been placed in your earthen vessel. So do not fear when you see storms and the ground shakes in your life. For this is a call to My presence. It is a call to move in signs and wonders that will reach beyond platforms and church walls.

So watch as I unite Christians across nations. Watch as I send out men of renown to unfamiliar lands. Watch out for my Peters and Pauls who will do for my present-age church what they did for my New Testament church. Amen!”

My grandparents first experienced the Holy Spirit during the charismatic renewal. As a child, I would listen to their stories in awe. They spoke of tarrying meetings. They shared with us how every believer would come to know Jesus in His power.

Today, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren see their endless intercessory prayers come to pass. This move of God has been in the making for decades, and we have the honor to participate.

So allow the Lord to position you. Shake off the discomfort of being plucked out of your comfort zone. When we get used to the uncomfortable and embrace the new, we will become part of something our forefathers would have given anything to see! {eoa}

Colette Toach is originally from South Africa, and with ministry divisions in South Africa, Mexico, Switzerland and California, Apostle Toach is foremost a wife and spiritual mother. She established a prophetic training school that has been in place since 1999. Apostle Colette and her husband, Apostle Craig Toach, work with their fivefold ministry team to raise up leaders across the globe.

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