Jonathan Cahn Reveals the Mystery of the Parasha

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Shawn Akers

In 2012, Jonathan Cahn released his first blockbuster bestseller The Harbinger, which revealed an ancient mystery from the Bible that holds the secret to America’s future.

And now, eight years later, comes the stunning long-awaited sequel, The Harbinger II: The Return, which reveals the mystery which began with 9/11 has not stopped, but has continued unfolding on America soil. That which The Harbinger foretold has come to pass and the ancient harbingers that warn of coming judgment have continued to manifest.

In a recent interview on The Jim Bakker Show, Cahn said that one of the mysteries unfolded in The Harbinger II involves a dramatic word from the Bible that actually foreshadowed the calamity of 9/11.

The Parasha

“This is a mystery that goes back to ancient times,” said Cahn. “When Jesus went to the synagogue and opened the scrolls, it was an appointed word. Well, there’s been appointed words for the Jewish people for ages. Every Sabbath the Jewish people open up their scrolls, and there is an appointed word for that week—it’s called the parasha.

“The week of 9/11 was there was an appointed word from God of significant, prophetic impact,” Cahn continued. “The word is called ki tavo, and it was read just three days before 9/11. It comes from Deuteronomy 28 and it’s the last words of Moses to the nation of Israel. He warns them of what would happen if they turn away from God.

“First the word says that if you follow God, He is going to make you the most blessed nation in the world—He is going to bless you in your homes, in your fields and in your city. You’re going to have prosperity and be kept safe from your enemies. You will lend to many nations and you will not borrow. You’ll rise above your enemy.

“All those things happened to America,” said Cahn. “America became the most prosperous and powerful nation, the nation that lent to many nations and didn’t borrow, the nation that had victory after victory and was kept safe.

“But the scripture—the ki tavo—doesn’t stop there. Moses went on to tell Israel if you turn away, then all the blessings that God gave you are going to be removed, one after another.”

Signs of Judgment

Citing the words of ki tavo word from Deuteronomy, Cahn outlined which blessings would begin to be removed from a nation that turned away from God.

“First of all, it says that while you lent to many nations, now you’re going to borrow,” said Cahn. “And amazingly, in the late 20th century, America went from being the greatest creditor nation to being the greatest debtor nation. That’s a sign of a nation turning from blessing to judgment.

“Secondly,” Cahn continued, “it says you’re not going to win your wars; your enemies are going to win. And we saw America losing its first big major war, in Vietnam. It says cursed shall you be in the field and in the city. On 9/11 we saw a curse come to the city, and we saw one of the planes crash in a field as well.

“It says that an enemy will come from far away and attack your gate. This 28th chapter of Deuteronomy speaks not once but four times of the enemy attacking or causing distress at the gate. But verse 52 also mentions something else:

‘They shall besiege you at all your gates until your high and fortified walls, in which you trust, come down.’

“America’s gate is New York City, and its wall, its defense, is the Pentagon. The Pentagon is built after the pattern of a fortress with fortified walls. So on 9/11, the enemy attacked first the gate and then the wall, the towers of New York City and then the Pentagon of Washington, DC.

“And all that was in the appointed word that was recited all over New York City just before 9/11!”

The Mystery of Inversion

Cahn continued to lay out the parallels of the biblical pattern. “The word goes on to say that when the enemy comes in, the sky over you will be bronze or copper, the earth below you will be iron. On 9/11 there was a cloud above the ruins of Ground Zero that was there for a long time, and they found copper was in the cloud. On the ground underneath, the ruins of the buildings were made of steel, which is an ally of iron. So we saw copper above and iron, or steel, below.

“The appointed word goes on to say you will go about in broad daylight like someone who’s blind, you will not be able to see. That’s exactly what happened on 9/11. The cloud came over Lower Manhattan and they literally couldn’t see.

“It says that the Lord will cause you to be defeated by your enemies; you shall go out against them one way, and you will flee from them seven ways. That happened on 9/11. We saw images of people literally fleeing in all directions. That scripture says you’ll go out one way and flee seven ways, the ratio is one to seven, the biblical ratio of judgment. The first plane was flight 11, and the plane that struck the Pentagon was flight 77—the one to seven ratio; 11 to 77; specifically talking about your enemy.”

Cahn continued, “It says there will come a people whose language you will not understand; a people of fierce countenance who will not respect the old or the young or show mercy; they’re going to be a brutal people and they will proceed you and your gates. Well, that described the terrorists.”

“It’s all there,” says Cahn. “Moses warning a nation that turning away from God would be the beginning of judgment. Notice the pattern of this prophecy in Deuteronomy 28: at the beginning it talks about how you’ll be blessed. But then at the second part, everything that was blessed is now a curse because of turning away. The second part of the prophecy is the inverse of the first. The judgments at the end are the opposites, the inversions of the blessings at the beginning. The mystery of inversion and juxtaposition. The two things are joined together.

“And so, the mystery of why it happened on 9/11 goes all the way back to the words of Moses, to this passage in Deuteronomy 28.”

Cahn says America can still turn back to God, but time may be running out. “The time is critical,” he says. “If we don’t respond and rise up to the call of God to return, we may pass the point of no return. America hangs in the balance between life and death, revival or calamity.” {eoa}

Find out more at theharbingerreturns.com.

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