Charisma Highlights: Prophetic Warning From Shawn Bolz: A Large Pivot Is Coming

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We know a recession is coming, but God is going to use it to cause His people to transition. He has new opportunities for many, new relationships and places to live for some.

We will see a huge transfer of people from one city to another, from one church to another.

A Financial Famine

A famine is coming financially over different parts of the world and for some, God is using the season of lack to put some of you into a place to make decisions you would have never made if you were comfortable.

I want to share with you a picture the Lord showed to me in my time of prayer.

In this picture, 12 children were together in the middle of a field, and they were ploughing the soil. Suddenly they were surrounded by a circle of fierce-looking dogs, growling and barking ferociously at them.

As the barking went on, the children looked back at the dogs as if they were trying to work out what this was all about. However, they did not seem as surprised or alarmed as you would think.


I heard the Lord say, “In the midst of chaos, global downturn and even famine, My people will have economic expansion. I am giving heavenly downloads and strategic ideas to prosper My people. They must discern the opportunities that I am presenting to them. Don’t miss this moment. Innovation and creativity will be stirred and flow through them for this hour. There will be favor upon My church, and the world will take notice. It is necessary for your ear to be tuned to the frequency of the Holy Spirit, for He will lead and guide you into the right moment to seize your God-given opportunity. Do not be afraid to step into it! Reject and bind the spirit of fear. Its grip will keep you locked out, but faith in My Word is the key that opens the doors I have prepared for you.”

I sought the Lord to further reveal what He meant about the opportunities He would be giving to His people. I searched the definition of the word “opportunity,” and it means “an appropriate or favorable time or occasion: a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal. A good position, chance or prospect, as for advancement or success.”I heard the Lord tell me to turn to Genesis 26, where I read about a famine in Canaan during the time of Isaac. Because of the famine, Isaac was tempted to go to Egypt, but God stopped him and gave him specific instructions not to go to Egypt but to stay in Gerar. God had a plan to confirm His covenant and prosper him there.

For months, I have felt an anticipation for the month of November. I really feel it is going to be a significant month for many.

On the morning of Nov. 3, as I woke up from my dream (which I believe symbolized restoration and reconciliation), I felt faith enter my heart that there will be a sovereign grace coming upon the Lord’s people in this month to pray and call forth the time for “turning on” those things that many have been believing God for—especially regarding restoration in relationships and reconciliation in hearts, with the fathers turning to the children, and the children to the fathers (Malachi 4:6).

This is not just isolated to natural relationships, but it also refers to the “turning of hearts” toward our heavenly Abba Father in relation to the prodigals and the lost loved ones whom many of you have been carrying in your hearts.

America is in turmoil. As the country sorts through the 2022 midterm elections, many Americans perceive even more unrest as a radical, “progressive” agenda is overtaking American culture. As society becomes disgracefully saturated with unbiblical ideologies, many Christians are asking how this downward spiral began. How did America become so broken?

Bestselling author Jonathan Cahn’s latest book, “The Return of the Gods,” outlines America’s turning away from God and identifies the dark entities that are at work at this very moment to transform the nation and Western civilization. Since the book’s release, “The Return of the Gods” hit No. 2 on the New York Times Bestsellers List—Cahn’s highest ranking ever—as well as No. 2 in the Hardcover Frontlist Nonfiction category on the Publishers Weekly bestsellers list and No. 2 in nonfiction combined on the Wall Street Journal bestsellers list.

In the book, Cahn reveals that the gods that have come into the modern world have transformed America from a Christian nation to a pagan one, and are the same evil gods that were part of the apostacy and falling away of ancient Israel. The Bible reveals that behind these gods were entities known in Hebrew as the shedim or spirits, and in the New Testament as the daimonian, the root of the English word “demon.”

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