Morning Rundown: When the Holy Spirit Fell on New York City

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When the Holy Spirit Fell on New York City

Not today, Satan.

Many major cities in America have seen substantial decline in recent years, New York City being one of them.

Yet the same way the Lord allows His children to go through seasons of trial, He then lifts them up in renewal at the end of that season.

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Franklin Graham’s Noi Festival Roma Draws 20,000 Seekers to Christ

Recently, Rome witnessed an extraordinary gathering of faith, as nearly 20,000 people flocked to the historic Palazzo dello Sport for the Noi Festival Roma, Italy’s largest evangelical Christian outreach event ever. This two-day festival, held November 4 and 5, marked a momentous occasion in the heart of Italy’s capital, spreading a message of hope and salvation.

The word “Noi” itself translates to “We” or “Us” in Italian, signifying unity and togetherness. This was the second installment of the Noi Festival, with last year’s event taking place in Milan, where 13,000 attended. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, the driving force behind these gatherings, proudly announced that the crowd in Rome occupied 18,000 seats within the arena, requiring an outdoor screening for the overflow of eager attendees.

What makes this event truly exceptional is that it united over 800 evangelical churches across Italy for a singular purpose. It’s a testament to the urgency of the times we live in, where spiritual darkness encroaches on every corner. The world is desperate for salvation, and this event responded to the call of the Great Commission in the Bible, which urges believers to spread the message of hope and eternal life.

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Carlton Pearson’s Tragic Journey to Deception

Carlton Pearson, the Pentecostal bishop who was labeled a heretic by his peers because he rejected the authority of the Bible, is now “at death’s door” according to a video he posted last week from his hospital bed. The 70-year-old preacher, who has battled prostate cancer off and on for years, was put under hospice care a few days ago.

From his deathbed, Pearson smiled and told his followers he would see them in heaven. But will he? I’m glad I’m not the one to decide that. But I wouldn’t want to be in this man’s shoes as he steps into eternity.

In the 1980s, Pearson was one of the most recognized preachers in America. Raised in the Church of God in Christ, and mentored by evangelist Oral Roberts, Pearson established his Higher Dimensions Christian Center near Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Pearson’s popular Azusa conferences attracted thousands to Tulsa every year, and his church grew to 5,000 members at its peak.

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