When the Holy Spirit Fell on New York City

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James Lasher

Not today, Satan.

Many major cities in America have seen substantial decline in recent years, New York City being one of them.

Yet the same way the Lord allows His children to go through seasons of trial, He then lifts them up in renewal at the end of that season.

New York City may be seeing the end to its most recent season of trial.

As fentanyl addiction, crime and skyrocketing cost of living plague the Big Apple, none of those things were able to stop the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Monday, Nov. 6.

Hosted by Pastor Mike Signorelli of V1 Church, located in NYC, the event listed as a night of worship in the continuing saga of “The Domino Revival” saw thousands take part in communal worship, evangelism and prayer.

The encore presentation of “The Domino Revival” will be in theatres on Monday, Nov. 13 according to Fathom Events.

Joining Signorelli at the event were fellow revivalists and deliverance ministers Pastor Greg Locke, Apostle Alexander Pagani, Jenny Weaver and many others who were in attendance.

An event and outpouring like this is exactly what the Great Physician ordered for a hurting city and struggling populace.

The worship ranged from rock-centric hits to praise-sounding classics, all of which had the massive crowd in attendance raising their hands to glorify God.

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“Tonight, we lead them all into the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The streets of NYC were filled with the sound of believers speaking in tongues. Then we commissioned them to disperse and evangelize. Thousands of people are terrorizing the devil right now,” Signorelli posted on X (formerly Twitter).

“Hail Hail Lion of Judah, Let the Lion ROAR! Last night thousands in NYC Times Square and untold thousands globally lifted high the name of Jesus! Afterward, people took [to] the streets praying for people, sharing the gospel & casting out demons,” posted Pastor Malachi O’Brien who was in attendance.

It is easy to get caught up in waves of negativity, fear and hopelessness with the news cycle and what is happening in the world today, but God has something great in store for His people in the coming days.

Remember, amid the apostasy, decline in morality and values, persecution, struggles and wars, Jesus wins in the end, and we are seeing the amazing moves of God in the middle of the storm right now.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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