Morning Rundown: 2024 Prophecies: What Do the Lion, Bear and Dragon Have in Common With Goliath?

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2024 Prophecies: What Do the Lion, Bear and Dragon Have in Common With Goliath?

In the midst of prophecies that have been spoken from different Christian commentators, apostles and prophets, it can be hard to discern what exactly we should listen to. But what if two separate words have a very similar connection and phrasing?

In a word given at the beginning of the year, Dutch Sheets said that this year would be the year of “The dragon, the bear and the lion.” In his description, each of these animals were representative of a different nation, specifically Russia, China and Iran. This word was a warning that these nations would be watching America and Biden’s leadership.

“They realize this opportunity may not last long and will try to make the most of it. A weakened America means strengthened evil,” Sheets said.

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Signs and Warnings: The 2024 Solar Eclipse

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There is much prophetic urgency in the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. It will complete an X over the United States with its predecessor in 2017.

This astronomical event has captured the attention of prophecy watchers, drawing parallels to past celestial occurrences and their subsequent earthly impacts. The intersection of these eclipses near Little Egypt, Illinois, near the historically significant New Madrid fault line, invokes a reflection on past devastations following similar signs, notably the catastrophic New Madrid earthquakes of the early 19th century.

One might find it interesting that April 8, the day of the eclipse, is the last day of Adar 2 before the month of Nisan when Passover is celebrated.

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Is America the Modern Nineveh?

America has greatly sinned against God through abortion, homosexuality, adultery, rampant pornography and fornication.

We have no fear of God, and America is rapidly becoming a pagan nation. Our only hope is to humble ourselves in fasting and prayer.

Nineveh was a great city. In fact, the Bible states that it was so vast it took three days just to tour it.

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