Could the October 14th Eclipse Point to the Return of Christ?

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Stephen Strang

One of the best-known Christian sculptors in America, Max Greiner, is not only a longtime friend, but has tremendous insight into the coming annular eclipse this Saturday. What’s unusual about this eclipse is that its pathway will actually make a cross with another upcoming eclipse right over The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden in Kerrville, Texas.

“The scientists at NASA are calling them the two great American eclipses,” Greiner says. “Eclipses are rare to begin with…the solar signs are mentioned all throughout the Bible, Old and New Testament…What makes this unique is there’s only one place on the planet where the two American eclipses cross.”

The intersection of the two eclipses is also special because of the uniqueness of the Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden’s spiritual significance. Currently, the masses are flocking to this location to see miraculous signs and wonders happen all around, including orbs of angels. You can see the photos of the angel orbs by watching the entire podcast on YouTube.

“The other sign and wonder that’s happening is angel orbs,” Greiner says. “When we are worshiping they suddenly fill the sky [as] balls of light, and Ezekiel 1:15-22 talks about that.”

Greiner shared that over a million people have already taken the trek to see the cross and experience miracles, signs and wonders come into fruition. The position of these coming eclipses is right on target, I believe, for God to demonstrate a sign and wonder of the return of His Son, and that many will be drawn in by the power and presence of the gospel.

“God is marking the spot,” Greiner says. “And so this particular event here is going to draw thousands to Kerrville. We printed up a lot of evangelistic literature and tracts, all kinds of stuff that we’re hoping thousands are going to come, and we’re going to win them to Christ.”

This eclipse acts as a prophetic symbol as well because it marks seven days since Israel was attacked, and there is no question that right now Israel is in dire need of prayer as we see men, women and children being brutally murdered and treated with complete disregard.

As we see clear signs of the end times with these eclipses and the destruction taking place in Israel, it is only through the hope of the gospel empowered by the Holy Spirit that can help us in all circumstances. It’s this same Holy Spirit that spoke directly to Greiner about his gifts as a sculptor and how he was to use them for the glorification of God’s kingdom.

“He basically said, ‘Max, I want you to do a sculpture of Jesus washing Peter’s feet,’” Greiner says.

Following this simple statement has led to Greiner’s fantastic career, and has paved the way for the gospel to be represented from an artistic standpoint. God has also provided Max the opportunity to see miracles abound around him including the natural phenomenon of this eclipse as science and art collide.  

I believe that as God has given Greiner miracles and signs through the power of the Holy Spirit that many people this weekend will also experience God’s glory in a new and profound way through this weekend’s eclipse. To watch the entire interview, you can click here. To sign up for my weekly newsletter you can click here.

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