Jonathan Cahn Unveils Biden’s State of the Union Deception

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Abby Trivett

Was there something darker and more sinister to the president’s State of the Union address than most Americans realize?

In a special message, New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Cahn unveiled the moments of deception that the president hid behind in his address to the nation.

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The key tenet on which all of Biden’s speech rested was calling abortion “reproductive freedom.” Instead of owning up to what abortion actually is as the murder of an innocent child, Biden raged on about how the overturning of Roe v. Wade took away “reproductive freedom” for women. Yet Cahn says there is something ominous about the president’s phrasing in this situation.

“Notice what’s happening here,” Cahn says. “He’s avoiding the ‘a’ word. This is called a euphemism. He’s using words and phrases to avoid saying that word that describes the killing of an unborn baby. What does that mean? It’s a dead giveaway that something’s being covered up.”

By using terms like “choice” and “reproductive freedom” instead of outright talking about abortion and the termination of an unborn baby’s life, we see a revelation that what is being covered up must be of the darkness instead of the light.

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“Notice the words, ‘had a fetus,’ not a child,” Cahn points out. “The word ‘child’ is removed from the language so that the actual child can be removed from the womb.”

Cahn points out that the dehumanization of the unborn child makes it easier to take away their humanity, and even their life. Yet at the same time, Biden bids the use of IVF as a ‘miracle,’ which makes it look like he is a supporter of life.

“The same president who rails and rails for the ability to kill unborn children now suddenly speaks as if he and his party are champions of life, and those evil conservatives or Republicans or Christians are against life,” Cahn says.

Cahn also uncovered the issues Biden presented when it came to banning books in schools. Biden made it sound like genuine masterpieces of work were being shamed away by conservatives. The truth is that parents are against having their children read overtly sexual content. However, books like the Bible are in danger under the current administration.

With uber-left leaning ideologies affecting the very life and culture that children are surrounded by, this could perhaps be one of the worst times in history for children to be just that, children. When an entire sea of congresswomen flood the State of the Union address by wearing white in support of the reinstallation of abortion, this proves to be a concern about what the future of parenthood looks like in America. Are we really living in a society where women consider it best to kill their babies? Or, is there a political agenda wanting to destroy the family unit?

Through all of this, Cahn leaves a stark warning to the president about having the blood of millions of unborn babies on his hands due to his vigorous support of abortion.

“Mr. President, I know you gave this speech because of an upcoming election,” Cahn says. “But more important than an upcoming election is an upcoming eternity…and Mr. President, you’re closer to eternity than most Americans, and you will stand before God. And it’s a dangerous thing to stand before God with blood on your hands.”

Ultimately, Cahn pleads with those who have been part of this agenda or have participated in abortion to seek God, as only He can cleanse them of their sins and breathe new life into them.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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