How Artificial Intelligence Could Intersect With Antichrist and Prophecy

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Billy Hallowell

With the growth and prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI) exploding, some critics have worries and fears about how the technology could be misused and abused; others see the potential for the incredible advances it could spark.

End-times author Jeff Kinley recently told CBN’s Faithwire that much about the impact of AI “remains to be seen,” though he detailed some potential cautions.

“One of the biggest concerns is that it replaces human intelligence,” Kinley said. “We are moving, as a society, towards replacing humanity in just about every way possible—replacing human labor, human thought, human writing, trying to pretty much put humanity to the margins of the narrative here.”

He continued, “But the thing about AI that’s so frightening or potentially frightening is that there’s talk of this bioengineering, these nanorobots implanting within humanity.”

The eschatological expert said the idea people would essentially have an interface or be intermingled with technology in such a way is deeply troubling, particularly when it comes to surveillance and misuse.

“The biggest concern about that is that humans will now, according to those experts in the field … be hackable,” Kinley said. “They’ll be able to read our emotions.”

Watch Kinley warn about how AI could come into play during the end times:

But one of the broader issues he addressed is deception and the reality that, no matter how well-programmed AI might be, it’s “not human intelligence.” With people controlling these technologies, there’s a great deal of room for sweeping biases to take root.

“There’s obviously the capacity for a lot of bias in there, prescripted, inherent bias,” Kinley said. “But also just the idea of putting out a false narrative and someone says, ‘Hey, AI must know more than me, so I’m gonna trust the AI more than the people who could be called conspiracy theorists.'”

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