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Morning Rundown: Pastor Greg Locke With Benny Hinn: God Putting Deliverance Ministry Front and Center

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Pastor Greg Locke With Benny Hinn: God Putting Deliverance Ministry Front and Center

For too long, devils have been running rampant across America.

Without a body of Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit to cast them out, who else was there to stop them?

As the manifestation of demonic influence is claiming territory around the world, two titans of deliverance ministry have united in the cause of driving it back.

Perry Stone’s Eye-Opening Confession: A Missing Puzzle Piece in Rapture Theory

At the 2023 Prophetic Summit in Cleveland, Tennessee, Perry Stone delivered a thought-provoking message titled, “Something I Have Missed Concerning the Pre-Tribulation Rapture” that provides fresh insights and perspectives on the timing of Christ’s return.

Stone reveals a principle that he says many, including himself, have overlooked, and he makes a compelling case for the pre-tribulation rapture of the church.

The Church Age and the Feast of Pentecost

Stone shares that in 2014, he received a revelation regarding the church’s position within the current dispensation of God’s grace, known as the Church Age.

Is It the End of Evangelical Christian Colleges in NYC?

The King’s College, the last standing evangelical Christian college in New York City, has declared that it will not hold classes in the upcoming fall semester due to severe financial challenges.

In a recent email addressed to “members of the King’s community” and signed by the Board of Trustees, the school conveyed its decision along with the regrettable news of faculty and staff position reductions or eliminations. Although the school’s future remains uncertain, the board assured recipients of the email that they would provide further updates in the coming days and weeks. The number of retained faculty members remained undisclosed, although some faculty members confirmed that they were still employed as of Monday afternoon.

The King’s College has faced public financial difficulties, prompting the Middle States Commission on Higher Education to withdraw its accreditation in May. Since January, the college has been seeking $2.6 million to sustain its operations, but a fundraising campaign yielded only $200,000. To maintain its accreditation appeal, King’s must demonstrate financial viability with active student enrollment.

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