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Morning Rundown: Are the Nephilim the Key to the UFO Mystery?

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Are the Nephilim the Key to the UFO Mystery?

The exploration of the Nephilim and their connection to UFOs has long been a subject of fascination and speculation. From ancient biblical texts to modern-day sightings and revelations, this enigmatic topic has captivated the attention of many.

It is often dismissed or overlooked due to a lack of understanding or a secular worldview. Although award-winning author, filmmaker and internationally recognized specialist on the Nephilim L.A. Marzulli says to the logical Christian, it all may sound outlandish, it is indeed very real.

The journey into this realm began for many, including Marzulli, with the groundbreaking book, The Omega Conspiracy: Satan’s Last Assault on God’s Kingdom, by I.D.E. Thomas. This book shed light on the Nephilim, their origins and the profound impact they had on human history. “It was actually 30 years ago when I started doing a deep dive into that book, and it literally changed my life,” Marzulli says.

Prophetic Vision for Those Called to Tech, Media or Entertainment

God always intended technology. He is the Creator and releases the creative genius of tech. He also has plans for it and wants to bring His purposes through it.

There are warnings and red flags about AI and technology dependence because of the potential of not just a global way of thinking but of a one-world action that the book of Revelation hints of arising. But God will use technologies and anoint them for His purpose and is raising up people who will be “tech missionaries,” those who would use tech to reach God’s goal in humanity.

The Holy Spirit is speaking to people all around the world and is launching entertainment companies, video game corporations, streaming services, technology entertainment experience companies, digital currencies and companies that use them, and anointing individuals in media, entertainment, tech and even digital currency.

9 Ways to Connect With LGBTQ Family by Holy Spirit Power


In the realm of Christian faith, navigating relationships with family members who identify as LGBTQ can present unique challenges.

It is in these moments that believers are called to embody the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their interactions, allowing them to guide their actions.

By embracing these virtues, Christians can foster a compassionate and supportive environment for their loved ones, as they strive to establish a relationship that will lead their loved ones to Jesus Christ.



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