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LIVE with John Ramirez: Turning the Tables

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John Ramirez

Before I came to know Christ, I was in the highest levels of the demonic kingdom and got instructions from the devil himself about how to use demonic spiritual warfare against believers: against their homes, against their families, against their pregnancies, against everything they stewarded that represented the Lord Jesus Christ.

The devil does not stop in his attacks, whether through infirmity, oppression, depression, generational curses, locational or regional spirits coming against you and your loved ones. Even when you go on vacation, no matter what hotel you choose, evil spirits await. We must learn how to pray for our hotel rooms, vacation places, homes, children and families in a way that will destroy demonic kingdoms with the arsenals of heaven.

It’s time to turn the tables on the enemy. Learning to pray fire prayers will equip you, disciple you and train you in the Spirit so you will be able to help others walk the walk and finish the race God has set before us.

Between the Lord, your purpose and your destiny lives the devil. This is called the battlefield. If you consider yourself a real believer in Christ Jesus, it’s time to access the arsenals of heaven and release the fire and the judgment of God upon every wicked spirit in your region, your home, your community, your marriage, your children, your children’s children and all the generations to come. In other words, we need to teach our family and our loved ones to fight the good fight.

The Lord Jesus Christ told me once, “John, I will always do my part, but I will never do yours.” His heart is to raise up His church in this desperate hour and conquer every enemy that rears its head against His children. There is power in agreement and unity for the Holy Spirit. The day we pray fire prayers in this kind of holy unity is a bad day for the devil.

My background taught me the set-up and entrapments of the devil; now, I want to give you insight to overcome these entrapments and become powerful in spiritual warfare, strengthening your position in the spirit realm. The true language of spiritual warfare, critical to understand in praying fire prayers, will give the devil and his demons heart attacks.

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In today’s society, we know we don’t have to look far to find our children being attacked, brainwashed and manipulated by the enemy in unrighteous, despicable ways. In fact, many of our homes have been invaded and contaminated by the enemy whether through marriage, children or generational curses. He has come to steal, kill and destroy. But I have bad news for the devil, and I have good news for you.

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Evangelist John Ramirez used to fight on the enemy’s side, so he understands from an insider’s point of view how the enemy works. He now fights for Jesus Christ and uses the experience and knowledge he must teach believers how to fight and gain victory. He is an internationally known evangelist, author and highly soughtafter speaker who teaches believers around the globe how to defeat the enemy. He has shared his powerful testimony of being miraculously saved as a highranking satanic priest on It’s Supernatural! and The 700 Club, and appeared on TBN and Daystar. His book Fire Prayers (Charisma House), released in March.

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