Understanding the Fullness of The Reconnection in The One New Man

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Grant Berry and Leslie Crincoli

The Romans 911 Project Webinar is a new, one-of-a-kind virtual meeting for the Ekklesia/church where believers from around the globe can enter into a deeper dialogue on John 17 and One New Man issues. This webinar provides a platform to delve into the many issues affecting unity between Messianic and Gentile believers.

Romans 911 issues a call to transform and mobilize the Ekklesia/church at this most crucial time in history to prepare the bride individually and corporately for the Lord’s return through a reunited body of Jewish and Gentile believers as well as with all races and tongues according to John 17. The emerging movement in the body to reconnect God’s family is a vitally important transaction, having profound end-time consequences. For more information and to join The R911 Project monthly Webinar, please click on Romans911.org.

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In the webinar, Grant introduced the topic of our discussion, Understanding the Fullness of The Reconnection in TONM (pages 4-6, Romans 911, 2nd ed.). He explained that The Reconnection message could not be explained fully in a 45-minute sermon due to the complexities that exist in the family of God. Grant asked the panelists several questions to expound on the message.

How would you summarize the obstacles on the Jewish and Gentile sides of the believing family holding them back from love and unity in TONM?

The enemy understands the importance of unity between Jewish and Gentile believers in Yeshua/Jesus. His strategy, therefore, is to maintain separation in the body of Messiah/Christ and divert it from fulfilling its end-time role.

Below is a brief synopsis of some hindrances that separately inhibit Jewish and Gentile believers from greater love and unity:

Gentile believers

  • Antisemitism: Includes blatant and generational (inherited) antisemitism that has been passed down from family lines.
  • Replacement Theology: A false doctrine asserting that the church alone has replaced Israel as God’s chosen people, and that none of the promises and covenants to Israel apply exclusively to them but rather to the church.
  • Disconnection from the Jewish people, including Jewish believers, and their Jewish roots and heritage.
  • Incomplete knowledge of Old and New Covenants and how they correlate.
  • Jealousy and pride against the Jewish people.

Messianic (Jewish) believers

  • Spirit of rejection:
    • The Jewish people have been affected by this ever since God called them His own, throughout the generations for thousands of years.
    • It has also influenced Messianic believers who found themselves ostracized by the church. The church, for the most part, has not understood the calling to connect with its Jewish roots and heritage.
    • Jewish believers also have been renounced by their own people, who no longer consider them Jewish due to their belief in Yeshua/Jesus.
  • Christian indifference or ignorance of Messianic Jewish identity and their unique calling and expression of worship in the family of God.
  • Pride: Perception of favor as God’s chosen people.
  • Criticism and judgment of the church.

These issues are dealt with in more detail in The Romans 911 Project materials.

What is the main aspect of God’s heart that will help to transform God’s family and get us ready for His end-time plans?

God is love. Only the Father’s Heart beating in ours can transform His family to love one another as He does. God longs to restore His body in TONM into love, unity and liberty. Sibling rivalry, isolation and dysfunction are rampant among the body. We need healing and cleansing of the issues that isolate and separate us. It is through God’s perspective—His heartthat we must view The Reconnection in TONM between Jewish and Gentile believers, not through a biased sibling perspective (Jewish or Gentile).

We need God’s unconditional and overwhelming love to infuse our hearts and renew us into oneness as Yeshua/Jesus prayed in John 17. We also need to learn to cooperate with one another in honor and humility, and to respect our distinctive callings as well as our unique expressions of faith. It is the necessary groundwork to help prepare the bride, comprised of every nation, tribe and tongue, for the coming of the Bridegroom.

How was the message of The Reconnection in TONM hidden and why is it now coming to light?

There is an amazing parity regarding the mysteries to bring Jews and Gentiles to faith in the family.

In Ephesians 3:1-11, Paul revealed the mystery regarding the salvation of the Gentiles previously hidden from the Jews (also see John 10:16). Through the Gospel of Messiah/Christ, Gentile believers became co-heirs with Jewish believers and, together, they were united in God’s family in TONM.

A similar mystery previously hidden through the Church Age is being revealed, the mystery to reawaken Israel to salvation. God always had a plan to make Himself known to His children from the nations. And now that Israel is awakening, the Father has a plan to restore His promises and covenants to His first-born children that will make the family whole. Paul instructs in Ephesians 2:14-16 that Yeshua/Jesus broke down the wall of hostility between Gentiles and Jews and united them as One New Man in Him. This unified family, bonded in love, will help fortify the body for its role in God’s end-time purposes—the harvest of souls and Israel’s salvation.

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