Morning Rundown: Why Do Some People Think the Israelis Are the Bad Guys?

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Why Do Some People Think the Israelis Are the Bad Guys?

Earlier this week a high school teacher in Queens, New York, was forced to hide in her office because rampaging students threatened to attack her. What made the students so angry? The woman, who has been a teacher for 23 years, had posted a picture of herself on social media. She was holding a sign that said, “I STAND WITH ISRAEL.” Because of her stance, the students—who were waving Palestinian flags and calling for a riot—wanted to lynch her. New York City’s mayor, Eric Adams, called the incident “a vile act of antisemitism.” The incident forced authorities to close the school for a few hours.

What’s happening in our country? What would radicalize teenagers to the point that they would riot in the halls of a school? These kids should have been doing math problems and taking chemistry tests. Instead, they were marching in solidarity with terrorists and plotting to inflict violence on a teacher.

Welcome to America in 2023.

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Supernatural Revival Unleashes Divine Power in Dallas Mass Deliverance 2

The Pavilion, Toyota Music Factory bore witness to an extraordinary outpouring of Supernatural power during the Dallas Mass Deliverance 2 on Nov. 18, 2023. Organized by Bible Davids Ministries, this event marked a pivotal moment in the spiritual journey of believers, leaving an indelible mark on hearts and souls.

Worship and Prophetic Prayer: A Sacred Prelude

The event commenced with an awe-inspiring display of worship, led by Apostle Bible Davids. The spiritual atmosphere resonated with prophetic prayers from Prophetess Rebecca Bible-Davids, setting a unique frequency for the transformative journey ahead. Worship songs became invocations, calling upon the Lord and declaring war against demonic oppression, creating high expectations for the miraculous.

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‘Gratitude’ Singer Brandon Lake Says ‘The Chosen’ Changed His Life

Christian singer-songwriter and worship leader Brandon Lake—the recording artist behind songs like “Gratitude” and “Graves Into Gardens”—said “The Chosen” left an indelible mark on him and his wife.

“‘The Chosen’ changed my life,” Lake told CBN Digital in an interview with series creator Dallas Jenkins, going on to recall watching the very first episode of the show chronicling the earthly ministry of Jesus as told in the New Testament. “I remember me and my wife watching it, about to turn in for the night and, when He enters the scene, it was as if Jesus walked into our bedroom. The glory of God filled our bedroom in such a crazy way, through the TV.”

“I remember being speechless for probably 10 minutes; it felt like an hour,” the singer continued. “[I] didn’t say a thing and it was like bringing the Word from black and white into full color.”

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