Hydration Expert Shares Must-Have Tips for Healthy Living

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In this episode of Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution on the Charisma Podcast Network, Hotze is joined by special guest and hydration expert, Tracy Duhs, who owns The Sanctuary Wellness Experience in San Diego, California. Duhs is an authority on hydration and has devoted her career to the science of hydration. On this episode, you will learn that hydration is about way more than just drinking water. Duhs teaches people how to properly hydrate their bodies.

According to Duhs, “Every single human being is comprised of about 98.9% water molecules. Your cells produce about a liter to a liter and a half of water each day, depending on how healthy you are.”

Duhs says, “I like to use a reverse osmosis or distillation to remove the chemical assaults that are in our water typically. But when we do that, we’re also removing the mineral content from the water. And our body requires an osmotic balance between the extracellular fluid and the intracellular fluid, in order for the cells to uptake the right amount of cellular, the water that they need, as well as being able to eliminate the waste effectively. And so if we do not have these minerals balanced in our water, we’re doing ourselves a great disservice.”

Hotze says, “We’re exposed to lead and aluminum that we cook in and other heavy metals like mercury in your teeth. These cause health problems. They’re toxins in our body, and our body has to get rid of, and part of the way is the body produces its own water excess that helps us flush out all these chemicals. So you can see, if you get dehydrated and don’t have enough water going in the system, pretty much there’s no water to go out of the system, and you become dehydrated. So this is the reason you want to stay well hydrated.”

Click here to listen to this episode titled “Hydrate w/ Expert Tracy Duhs” now on Dr. Hotze’s Wellness Revolution on the Charisma Podcast Network! {eoa}

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