Top of the Week: What Happened the Last Time 2 Eclipses Formed a Giant ‘X’ Over the New Madrid Fault Zone?

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What Happened the Last Time 2 Eclipses Formed a Giant ‘X’ Over the New Madrid Fault Zone?

Could it be possible that history is about to repeat itself?

On April 8, the Great American Eclipse of 2024 will complete the giant X over America that the Great American Eclipse of 2017 started. Meanwhile, the Devil Comet will be racing through our solar system for the first time in 71 years.

Most of you already know all this. But what is not widely known is that we have seen this same pattern before.

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Is This the Man Who Will Sacrifice the Red Heifer?

Amid worldwide speculation about the ceremony of the red heifer, the Temple Institute may have found the young man who will lead the ceremony.

The kohen (Hebrew for priest) was shown in a picture posted to Facebook looking over the red heifers in their secret location in Shiloh.


Megachurch Pastors Ousted From Ministry After Affair Admission

Two megachurch pastors have come under some hot water after it was discovered they were in an affair together.

Corey Turner and Stacey Hilliar of Neuma Church in Australia have stepped away from their positions after engaging in an affair together. Their ministry credentials have been temporarily revoked.

As The Christian Post reported, the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) president Wayne Alcorn announced that both leaders have lost their credentials for at least two years.

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The IHOP Scandal Has Exposed a Deep Need for Repentance

When I first heard about the sexual scandal involving Mike Bickle and the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri, in December, my initial reaction was defensive. I didn’t want to believe the charges. But I cringed on Dec. 12, 2023, when Bickle released his own confession. And my heart sank when details surfaced about another woman who had been involved with Bickle in his earlier years as a youth pastor. It became obvious that there had been a disturbing pattern of sexual abuse at IHOPKC, and with it, a pattern of hiding that abuse.

The IHOP scandal is a harsh reminder that we have a much bigger problem. The worst thing we can do is go back to business as usual when the investigation ends. We need to stop, mourn for the victims, grieve for our own hardness of heart and publicly repent for the sin of sexual abuse.

For more than two decades I’ve been confronting the abuse of women and girls in developing countries where gender-based violence is common. I work in communities where rape is widespread, sexual violence is normal, polygamy is legal and the forced marriage of underage girls is considered a man’s right.

The Great North American Eclipse

X marks the spot. Seven years after the awe-inspiring Great American Eclipse in 2017, a total solar eclipse on Apr. 8 will form a giant “X” in the heart of America, passing through multiple cities named Nineveh after a planetary alignment.

Is God sending a message to Earth?

Is this what Billy Graham foresaw as America’s “Nineveh Moment?”

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