Top of the Week: 2024 Prophecy: Is This the Year of the Do-Over?

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2024 Prophecy: Is This the Year of the Do-Over?

Will 2024 be 2020’s do-over?

No one will ever forget the way that 2020 dramatically shifted our world forever. Lockdowns lasted for months, and even into 2021 and 2022 in some places. Children missed out on in-person curriculums, masks, distancing and shots completely changed the atmosphere of everyday life. The question now is: is 2024 a do-over of this previous monumental year?

In an exclusive interview with Charisma News, Joseph Z revealed how God has been whispering prophetic insights of what we may yet face this year.

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Isaiah Saldivar Breaks Down Controversial ‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl Ad

If a Super Bowl commercial gets people talking about Jesus, then that’s a good thing, right?

Well, according to many Christians, it depends on which Jesus the commercials are advertising.

To no one’s surprise, this year’s He Gets Us Super Bowl ad featuring various people washing the feet of what is assumed to be sinners has sparked fierce debate on both sides of the proverbial aisle

‘Revival Is Here’: Thousands Turn to Jesus at No. 2 Party School, Hundreds Baptized in Fountain

New York Times bestselling Christian author and founder of IF:Gathering Jennie Allen is reporting once again that the Spirit of God is moving in the hearts of thousands of college students, this time at Florida State University in Tallahassee.

In a post to Instagram and Facebook on Friday, she shared a photo of a student who had just been baptized in the university’s Westcott Fountain on Thursday night.

“It’s happening again! FSU Baptisms! Hundreds maybe a thousand students came forward to trust Jesus. We can’t explain what’s happening apart from the Spirit,” she wrote.

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Are Christian ‘Swifties’ a Thing?

Can Christians be ‘Swiftie’ fans?

For many people, Taylor Swift’s music has been a staple for years. Her themes of love and heartbreak thrown together with a catchy tune typically grab the listener’s ear, making it easy to stick in the mind. But are all of these tunes innocent? Are they too dark for Christians?

In order to understand the messaging of the music, you have to understand the person behind it.

Cindy Jacobs Responds to the Mike Bickle Allegations

As news continues to break surrounding allegations of sexual misconduct by IHOPKC founder, Mike Bickle, prophetic voice Cindy Jacobs is responding to the case.

“As a leader in the prayer movement, I am deeply grieved at the sexual misconduct of Mike Bickle,” Jacobs wrote on X.

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