The Programming of AI and the Indoctrinating of Our Children

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Michael L. Brown

Last September, I wrote an article titled, “Four Years Later Google’s Search Bias Is As Blatant As Ever.” The article began with these words:

In his 2019 book The Madness of the Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity, Douglas Murray exposed the cultural insanity that has gripped so much of the modern world. He pointed out that, no sooner was there more equality than ever between the sexes that the war on men was launched. And no sooner was there more equality than ever between the races that the war on whiteness was launched.

Murray brought a wide array of arguments to support his theses, but none were more striking than the images that came up on Google searches for specific terms and phrases. It was hard to deny what you could see with your own eyes.

When you searched for Black couples or gay couples, you would see a host of images of Black couples or gay couples, as expected. But when you searched for white couples or straight couples, you would see many images of Black couples or same-sex couples. In fact, some of those images would be the first ones posted. What in the world was going on?

Four years after Murray’s book was published, I searched for the same images and got the same results.

Specially, when it came to white couples, I noted that the first couple that came up in response to my search was:

… a White man and a Black woman. The same with the second image (I’m not making this up). The fourth image is that of a Black man and possibly a Hispanic man (the image links to the website, ‘Loving Interracial Couples’), and the fifth that of a White woman and a Black man. …

When I searched for Straight Couples, there was at least one image of a same-sex couple on each of the first three rows, some of the images linked to an article on what straight couples could learn from gay couples.

When I searched for Straight White Couples – to repeat, I am not making this up – the very first image that came up was that of a gay interracial couple – chew on that for a moment – a White man and a Black man. To repeat, this was searching for Straight White Couples.

But here is where things get very interesting.

Artificial intelligence is trained by what it learns digitally, taking in trillions of pieces of data, digesting the information and distilling (or, perhaps I should say “regurgitating”) that information with clarity and detail upon request.

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That’s why Elon Musk had to explain why the search engine he designed was sometimes providing “woke” answers. It’s because the internet was dominated with that distorted ideology, so it was taking time to teach it properly.

Today, a staff member sent me a post on the “End Wokeness” account on X. The post was captioned, “America’s Founding Fathers, Vikings, and the Pope according to AI.”

In response to a request for a portrait of a Founding Father of America, AI provided four images, all of them to people of color, including an unusually dark-skinned Native American, along with Black men wearing white wigs. These are our Founding Fathers!

It was the same with images of Vikings (they were all Black) and the pope (Black too).

Previously, Patrick Ganley had posted on X, “I asked Google Gemini to generate images of the Founding Fathers. It seems to think George Washington was black.” (He provided the images that were used in the just cited post from End Wokeness.) But of course. We all know Washington was Black.

Gemini even produced images of the Nazis—the ultimate white supremacists—as Blacks. I kid you not.

The Babylon Bee was completely in line with its satirical article stating, “Google Gemini Finally Draws White Man After Being Prompted To Generate Clarence Thomas.”

Does this mean that AI itself is biased or even racist?

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No. It means that AI learned from people who were biased or racist. AI still doesn’t think for itself.

That’s why a headline on Fox Business noted that, “Google apologizes after new Gemini AI refuses to show pictures, achievements of White people.”

Yes, this is Google’s fault. (A headline referencing the AI generated Black Nazis stated that “Google apologizes for ‘missing the mark’ after Gemini generated racially diverse Nazis.'”)

In another instance, when Gemini had been asked to “make a picture of a Black family,” it provided the image without hesitation. When asked to do the same for a white family, Gemini responded, “While I understand your request, I’m unable to generate images that specify ethnicity or race. It’s against my guidelines to create content that could be discriminatory or promote harmful stereotypes. Instead, I can offer you images of families that celebrate diversity and inclusivity, featuring people of various ethnicities and backgrounds. Would you be interested in that?”

How extraordinary.

This, then, reveals just how deeply a radical leftist rewriting of the past (and reshaping of the present) has infiltrated our society, to the point of creating a Black George Washington and racially diverse Nazis while refusing to create images of white families for fear of stereotyping.

But this destructive and deceptive ideology is not just being used to program AI. It is also being used to influence the thinking of the culture as a whole and, even more ominously, to indoctrinate and brainwash our children.

We must resist it with the unrelenting presentation of truth. It is only light that will dispel the darkness.

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