Standing with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn: A Response to Rolling Stone’s Anti-Semitic Attack

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James Lasher

In recent years, Rolling Stone magazine has taken a sharp turn into anti-Christian, anti-biblical and anti-God territory, and its current piece attacking Rabbi Jonathan Cahn serves as a stark reminder of this concerning trend.

The article not only misrepresents Cahn’s message, but also reveals a broader issue of bias and prejudice against those who hold a biblical worldview. It is crucial to shed light on the anti-Semitic undertones within the article. Cahn answered Rolling Stone’s article demonstrating each off-base point.

The Israel Hamas End Time Mystery

The supposed controversy surrounding Rabbi Cahn’s recent video, “The Israel-Hamas End-Time Mystery,” centers on a brief segment where he expresses compassion and sympathy for Israel and the Jewish people in light of their ongoing struggles. In his message, he highlights the significance of Jesus (Yeshua) as the Prince of Peace, emphasizing that true peace can be found in Him. Rolling Stone decided to use this call to salvation to claim Cahn blamed Jews for the Hamas terror attack, all because they have not accepted Jesus as the Messiah.

Misrepresentation and Anti-Semitic Overtones

Rolling Stone’s headline, “MAGA Messianic Rabbi Blames Hamas Violence on Israeli Indifference to Jesus,” blatantly distorts Cahn’s words and intentions. This misrepresentation is not only factually incorrect but also laced with anti-Semitic undertones. By suggesting that Rabbi Cahn blames Hamas violence on Israeli indifference to Jesus, the article falsely accuses him of demonizing the Jewish people, which he has never done. Spoiler alert: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is in fact Jewish and expresses how much he deeply loves his people.

The Labeling of “MAGA”

The article’s very first word, “MAGA,” is a loaded term designed to pigeonhole Rabbi Cahn and tarnish his message. The left hates Donald Trump, and will try to disparage his base of followers in any way they can. Cahn teaches about the Word of God and the importance of Jesus as the Messiah, which is inherently Christian and rooted in biblical truth. Associating him with “MAGA” is an attempt to marginalize his views and delegitimize his faith, simply because Rabbi Cahn prayed with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. Cahn states there is only one way for America to rise up and be the great nation she once was: repent and turn back to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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The True Message of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Rabbi Cahn’s message in his video “The Israel-Hamas End-Time Mystery” centers around the essential belief in Jesus as the Messiah and the importance of returning to biblical values. His concern for the Jewish people’s peace and salvation is a reflection of genuine compassion and not an accusation against them.

The Controversial “Stubborn” Insertion

The article goes further by adding the word “stubborn” to Cahn’s message, a deliberate insertion that carries anti-Semitic connotations. Accusing the Jewish people of being “stubborn” has been used in historical anti-Semitic rhetoric, and it is unacceptable to imply such a characterization in this context. Not to mention, Cahn never even used the word. Instead, Rolling Stone inserted it and made it appear as though it was Cahn was the calling Israelis stubborn, which is false.

Messianic Jews and Jewish Tradition

The article also wrongly implies that Messianic Jews are selling their faith aggressively, and are more charismatic Christian than Jew. This mischaracterization belittles the faith of Jewish believers who embrace Jesus as the Messiah while still maintaining their Jewish traditions. This is a natural expression of their faith and should not be distorted or disparaged.

Rolling Stone’s article on Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is a clear example of how media outlets can distort the truth to promote a harmful agenda. We must support Cahn, who continues to preach the message of salvation and compassion for Israel and the Jewish people, while opposing those who seek to undermine the message and the biblical values he represents. Our faith calls us to love our neighbors and stand for the truth, and that includes standing with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn in the face of such baseless attacks.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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