What ‘The Harbingers of Things to Come’ and ‘Doctor Strange’ Have in Common

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Jonathan Cahn

What do Doctor Strange and revival have to do with each other? You might think nothing, but here’s the thing:

Thursday, May 12, the motion picture The Harbingers of Things to Come premiered across America for a one-night event. The Marvel superhero picture called Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was the No. 1 movie in America Thursday night, but did you know the No. 2 movie in America was The Harbingers of Things to Come?

God did amazing things. Most importantly, we got reports from all over the country that in many theaters where The Harbingers of Things to Come was showing, at the end of the movie, the theater broke out into spontaneous prayer for revival in America. Theaters across America became sanctuaries for revival prayer for America.

We’ve got to keep that going. God hears our prayers. God is doing something. So let’s pray as never before, because the only hope America has is revival. Let’s pray as never before and truly commit to live in revival.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the movie last Thursday, there’s one more chance to do so. This Thursday night, May 19, The Harbingers of Things to Come will be showing again in more than 800 theaters across America. If you did see it last week, take advantage of the fact that there is one more showing. Use it to bring people out — bring the unsaved people in your life, and bring people who may know the Lord but they need to be woken up. This is a real wake-up call — a prophetic explosion — so we need to make the most of it.

Also, people are asking, “How can we show it?” It’s available. I’ve been told that for one month after — from May 12 into June — churches across America can actually have their own events, their own showings of The Harbingers of Things to Come. You can show it in a facility, in a Bible study, in a ministry, or you can have your own showing of the movie.

To find out how to do that, please visit faithcontentnetwork.com/JonathanCahn. To find out where the movie is playing on Thursday, May 19, or to learn more about the church events, visit TheHarbingersofThingstoCome.com.

Please pray and listen. God has already done great things, but let’s pray as never before for revival. {eoa}

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