Sound of Freedom Takes No. 10 2023 Film Spot, Ahead of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie

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Abby Trivett

Taylor Swift may be wondering about her “reputation” after “Sound of Freedom” beat her Eras Tour film for the number 10 spot of 2023.

“Sound of Freedom” shocked many as it became the breakthrough summer blockbuster. While many in the media tried to conjure up theories about why the film was doing so well, including by labeling it as a QAnon conspiracy movie, the Angel Studios film reached the number 10 top spot for highest-grossing movies of the year.

As The Christian Post reported, “Sound of Freedom” brought in more than $184 million in ticket sales. Swift’s ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ brought in $179.6 million in movie sales.

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The “Sound of Freedom” highlighted the truth of child trafficking and the horrors that children trapped in this form of slavery experience. For those who saw the film, it resonated deeply with them. As the film soared to become the number one movie of the summer, it’s no surprise that it would land on the top 10 film lists of 2023.

While it’s undeniable that Taylor Swift is an icon to many, including many young girls in their teens and twenties, the lingering, dark message behind her music is starting to become noticed more and more by Christians.

Earlier this year Swift’s song ‘Karma’ described karma as a god, and a boyfriend of hers. In the music video she is also seen as a golden goddess. There’s even a scene of her in a demonic, diabolical land that showcases women in horrifying masks around her. In the past she’s also mocked Christians with her song ‘You Need to Calm Down,’ targeting those against LGBTQ unions.

As these outright demonic acts have been noticed, Swift’s own glorification has grown during her Eras Tour. In fact, Rio de Janeiro ended up illuminating the Christ the Redeemer statue in her honor to look like her famous t-shirt from her ‘You Belong With Me’ music video.

While “Sound of Freedom” is not an outright, explicitly Christian film, it highlights genuine truths about how God intended for us as humans to be treated and the malicious ways Satan tries to attack the fact that we are made in God’s image. It’s stories like these that have a deeper meaning and impact on us as people. Instead of quickly jumping to support celebrities simply because they have a platform, we must use wisdom and discernment about the content we are consuming as our eyes and ears are the gates to our souls.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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