WATCH: Satan on Display During Global Music Competition

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Abby Trivett

There’s no question if we’re living in dark times.

The performer representing Ireland, Bambie Thug, stood in a ring with the outline of a pentagram and candles surrounding her. Her dark costume combined with horns and pale makeup presented a death-like appearance. Later, she was joined on stage by a man, who was painted in gray-blue. The two danced provocatively together. By the end of the song, Bambie Thug has her dark clothes removed to reveal a two-piece transgender flag-themed outfit.

In a reaction video to the performance, Christian YouTuber Kap Chatfield broke down the bizarre show and the obvious spiritual implications it has for viewers.

“If this is what’s in the open just imagine what’s in private?” Chatfield asked. “You want to know why there’s so much degeneracy in the culture? It’s because it’s celebrated in the entertainment. It’s celebrated in the music and in the videos we watch.”

This points back to the fact that Satan led worship in heaven before rebelling against God. This means he will use entertainment, especially music, to try to get us to go astray.

Our eyes and our ears are the gates to our soul. What good will it do us if we gain all of this world, but end up losing our souls because we followed after entertainment that corrupted our spirit? At the end of the day, we were created to worship the Lord, and when we put Him and His kingdom first, all else will be added to us.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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