8 Demonic Items You Need to Get Out of Your House

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Abby Trivett

Today we see items from a variety of cultures wherever we go, whether in stores, restaurants or traveling the road. However, not all items are innocent and should not be brought into your house.

In one of his latest videos, Vlad Savchuk identified the eight objects associated with demonic spirits that you need to get rid of immediately.

  • Any Native American jewelry, pottery or symbols that were created with the intention of acting as a spirit guide.

While Savchuk says that these items in and of themselves are not demonic, if they serve a purpose as acting as a spirit guide, that’s when they should be let out of the house.

  • New Age books, objects and symbols.

Savchuk notes these are items like tarot cards or supernatural teachings that differ from Scriptural references.

“Things like teachings on angels and dreams and miracles that are new age, that’s demonic,” Savchuk says. “New age is a counterfeit Christianity. It’s not biblical Christianity.”

  • Any objects literature or symbolism of witchcraft.

Whether it’s Ouija boards, spell books, dolls or another object associated with witchcraft, these items are some of the most blatantly demonic things you can have inside of your house. Savchuk says there is no gray area with these things; they are inherently evil objects that have no room in your home.

  • Good luck charms.

This is much deeper than just associating good luck charms with a cereal brand or saying “good luck” to someone. Items like crystals and rabbit’s feet should not be in a believers’ home.

“These things have no place in the life of a Christian,” Savchuk says. “We don’t believe in that kind of superstition. We don’t wear these bits around our waist, around our wrists to attract good luck and to repel evil spirits. That stuff is superstition and belongs to the world of darkness.”

  • Other religious images, statues and symbols.

Savchuk describes how this could be a plethora of materials, from statues of saints and the satanic bible to skulls and pentagrams, these objects do not belong in a spot of idolatry and worship by being in our homes.

  • Demonic games.

You may wonder what kinds of games are considered “demonic” and if you have them in your home. While there are plenty of clean, family-friendly activities and games, there are certain ones you want to avoid like Dungeons and Dragons or anything portraying attacks of witchcraft in them.

“There are good games that don’t deal with Lilith and Satan and dragons,” Savchuk says.

  • Entertainment like movies and music that glorify and depict pornography, horror, violence and satanic rituals.

What we take in with our eyes and our ears is what we fill ourselves with. If Christians are not consuming entertainment that draws them closer to God but instead moves them further away from Him and glorifies the kingdom of darkness, then that is what the person will become filled with.

  • Letters, gifts, items and other objects from your ex.

While this last item could be considered debatable, Savchuk says this has to do with the ties to the soul that you had with this particular person.

“…especially if you were in an abusive or terrible relationship, and you’re feeling a sense of like a soul-tie, soul bond to that person, it’s best to just remove that,” Savchuk says.

Take the time to do an inventory of the types of things you have in your house and see if there are any linger objects that glorify darkness instead of Christ’s light. Consider this as a spring cleaning that will refresh and restore your soul as you go deeper with Jesus.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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