People Leave Theaters With Hope After Watching Prophetic Jonathan Cahn Film

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Shawn Akers

Jonathan Cahn is well aware that his new film, The Harbingers of Things to Come, might “scare some people.” But there are also those who have watched and had the opposite reaction, knowing that Christians “win in the end” and that “God is in control.”

In both cases, however, Cahn says that most people have left the theater after watching The Harbingers with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and look to the future with a great deal of hope.

“This is as it has been from the beginning. You have these two elements and they are balancing,” Cahn recently told Clay Clark on Clark’s Thrivetime Show. “If you ask me, I’m saying both. On the one hand, things are not getting better in the culture. We can pretend they are, but they are getting worse. America is racing away from God.

“On the other hand, we do win in the end and God is in control. And, God works everything out for the good of those who love Him. The thing I can say is this: Yes, the dark is getting darker now. But that’s not a hopeless thing. If that’s the case, then we as the light have to get brighter.

“The greatest people since the beginning of time have been when there were times of darkness. The prophets didn’t live in Christian times. Paul the apostle didn’t live in Christian times. They lived in cultures that were against God. But that’s when we shine the brightest. I believe this can be the greatest time in the history of the earth. Put it another way: When is the most exciting part of a movie? It’s the last 15 minutes. Well, this is the last 15 minutes, so let’s make the most of it.”

The Harbingers of Things to Come debuted to rave reviews on May 12 in more than 820 theaters nationwide. The initial response was so overwhelming that the decision was made to show it a second week. Audiences got another view of it on Thursday night, May 19, in the same locations.

Last week, The Harbingers of Things to Come registered as the second most-watched movie in America behind only the new Dr. Strange movie. Charisma News reported that prayer and intercession for revival broke out in theaters across the country.

“It was an excellent movie!” Misty Berry said in a Facebook post. “I took notes on my messenger on my phone.”

“Everyone needs to see this,” Raquel Ortiz-Nunez of Manhattan, New York, said in a Facebook post.

“He (Jonathan Cahn) is a Jewish prophet, a great man of God,” says Dorothy Starnes of Richmond, Virginia.

“Absolutely the most profound movie I’ve seen,” says Deb Switzer Blake of Bowling Green, Kentucky. “Everyone should see this movie.”

Pestilences, deep-rooted chasms on controversial cultural issues and the growing hatred of God are causing a division among Americans that we may never recover from.

But Cahn’s hope is that the movie will make people stop and think about the prophetic implications described in the film and that they will draw the nonbeliever to the cross of Christ.

“[The Harbingers of Things to Come] is like a prophetic explosion on the movie screen,” Cahn says. “This movie is about where we are, where we are going and what the future holds for us in America. Believers and nonbelievers alike need to know this information about what is coming.

“We take the viewer on a journey through America to these places that deal with the mysteries of what’s happening and where we are going. In a movie, it’s not just about reading about the harbingers—you’re actually seeing them happen. Many people are bringing others who don’t know anything about the Lord or anything about the harbingers. Hopefully they will learn a great deal from this movie.”

While its two-night run in the theaters came to an end on Thursday, churches and schools can still register to host the film from now until June 13. Just visit fathomcontentnetwork.com for details. It just may start a Holy Ghost revival in your area. {eoa}

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor for Charisma Media.

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