Independent Report on IHOPKC and Mike Bickle Released

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James Lasher

The third party, independent investigation that International House of Prayer, Kansas City authorized through independent investigator and attorney Rosalee McNamara has been released in full.

Within the pages of the report is the finding that Mike Bickle likely engaged in “inappropriate behavior including sexual contact and clergy misconduct…for a person in a position of trust and leadership.”

The report affirms after credible allegations came to light that IHOPKC “immediately, formally and permanently” separated from Bickle.

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In the report, McNamara also acknowledged that several of the “Jane Does” had been incorrectly named by the Advocate Group, some without their knowledge or approval.

According to McNamara, “Each emphatically and persuasively denied that any inappropriate conduct, attempts at inappropriate conduct or any relationship or conduct other than an appropriate, professional relationship and conduct occurred.”

IHOPKC spokesman Eric Volz also released a message in response to the McNamara findings.

You can view IHOPKC’s response here.

Volz reinforced IHOPKC and new executive director General Kurt Fuller’s commitment to the investigation and ensuring the truth is revealed and justice is delivered.

“To be clear, this Jane Doe came directly to IHOPKC leadership and she was immediately referred to Ms. McNamara. Regardless of today’s findings or any outside pressure, Gen. Fuller and the leadership here have been paying attention and are fully committed to making sure this never again,” explains Volz.

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With this report’s findings now published, IHOPKC announced through Volz that they have “opened a line of communication to the advocate group to entertain the idea of a commission of mutually agreed upon, well-respected outside leaders in the body of Christ.

“This commission will serve as independent overseers to evaluate this matter and provide direction on the proper subsequent actions. This commission will also receive any new information that comes to light. The talks are preliminary, but things look promising,” Volz says.

For further updates in this ongoing matter, Volz announced on Feb. 1, that his role providing crisis management services to IHOPKC had come to an end.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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