Morning Rundown: Will Disney’s Film Flops Finally Wake Up This ‘Woke’ Corporation?

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Will Disney’s Film Flops Finally Wake Up This ‘Woke’ Corporation?

There comes a time when we must stand for righteousness. Disney threatened Elon Musk with pulling X (formerly Twitter) advertising, and he didn’t cave. Musk bought X for $44 billion to counter intimidation and preserve free speech; he stood for righteousness. Now it’s our turn!

A week ago here in Franklin, Tennessee, I attended the International Christian Visual Media ministry conference. My 50-year friend Chris Rogers of CDR Communications and Animated Word serves in leadership along with his wife, Nancy, the co-administrator. Angel Studios, Kingdom Story and Redeem TV were present along with many other innovators who promote wholesome entertainment.

Celebrating the success of inspirational films such as “Sound of Freedom,” “Journey to Bethlehem,” “Jesus Revolution” and “The Hill” kept participants buzzing with excitement. And now the upcoming release of The Daily Wire’s (Ben Shapiro) hilarious film, “Lady Ballers” (lampooning a trans basketball team of men identifying as women) should be another success.

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Are We Nearing the End? Americans Sounding Off on End Times

In a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, a striking revelation emerged—40% of U.S. adults believe that we are “living in the end times.”

This substantial portion of the population holds a conviction that our current era is characterized by apocalyptic significance, raising questions about the factors influencing these beliefs and their prevalence among different religious groups.

Origins of the End Times Survey

The impetus for this particular survey was an earlier study in April 2022, which aimed to gauge Americans’ concerns about climate change. Surprisingly, the results revealed a significant segment expressing little or no apprehension about climate issues, attributing their lack of concern to a belief that God ultimately controls the climate. This connection prompted Pew Research to delve deeper into Americans’ religious views, particularly concerning the end times.

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2024 Unveiled: Prophetic Perspectives With Joseph Z

In a recent Charisma News interview, prophetic voice Joseph Z provided a compelling glimpse into the spiritual landscape of 2024, offering insights that go beyond the confines of a mere calendar year. The prophetic message is laden with impactful words, dividing the future into distinct segments that demand our attention and, more importantly, our collective prayer and action.

The Roar and the War of 2024

Joseph Z begins by emphasizing that the prophetic insight for 2024 transcends a conventional understanding of time, describing it more as a season than a confined 12-month period. Two powerful words emerge from the spiritual realm: “Roar” and “War.” The Roar signifies a divine declaration echoing through the corridors of time, while the War points towards both physical conflicts and spiritual battles.

Unveiling Cyber Warfare

The prophetic voice specifically highlights a vision concerning a cyber attack in Las Vegas, indicating that such incidents will not remain isolated but will escalate globally. Joseph Z feels in the Spirit that unparalleled and almost cataclysmic cyber attacks will occur, raising concerns about the vulnerability of digital infrastructures. Yet, amid the impending challenges, a divine promise emerges—a standard will be raised, delivering innovative solutions and protection for those who stand firm in faith.

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