Morning Rundown: Jonathan Cahn’s End Times Rebuke for the Pope

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Jonathan Cahn’s End Times Rebuke for the Pope

In a timely, prophetic, end times message, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is warning the Pope and the wider Catholic church about what may be heading their way for accepting the decision to allow priests to bless same-sex couples.

“This is the Pope’s great moment of apostasy,” Cahn said. “It’s a watershed moment, it’s a red flag moment, a milestone for Catholicism and even for Western civilization.”

One of these red flags is the fact that the Pope has declared that the Ten Commandments is too rigid.

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Are You Worried Sick? Jesus Has the Answer for Anxiety

Americans are stressed out. The problem was bad enough before the pandemic, but statistics skyrocketed during and after that crisis. Today, more than 42 million people in this country suffer from an anxiety disorder, according to Mental Health America, and we spend more than $18 billion annually on medications for anxiety and depression.

Why are people so frazzled? Our world is on edge. There are wars, bitter political divisions, inflation, rising crime and many other triggers that can cause us to abuse alcohol, lose sleep or have panic attacks. Even many Christians struggle with crippling anxiety.

My mother went through the Great Depression as a child in the 1930s, and she watched how the financial crash affected her parents. When she became an adult, she married my father and enjoyed a blessed life—including a comfortable home and money in the bank. But because of the trauma caused by a financial crash, she feared not having enough even though her fears contradicted her reality. Her fears affected me, too. I’ve struggled to trust God with finances, but the Lord has helped me to trust Him.

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Is Hell Fair?

Many people have come to think that hell is too severe for the sins committed today. We’ve actually become accustomed to sin. In doing so, we’ve determined that God should not judge people so harshly.

What we must realize is whom we have sinned against. Sinning against our fellow man is not the same as sinning against Almighty God. Thomas Aquinas, who was considered the greatest theologian of the medieval church, said this in the book, “Hell on Trial,” “Now a sin that is against God is infinite; the higher the person against whom it is committed, the graver the sin—it is more criminal to strike a head of state than a private citizen—and God is of infinite greatness. Therefore an infinite punishment is deserved for a sin committed against Him.

Throughout our lives, God gives everyone countless opportunities to repent and receive Him as Lord and Savior. He gives people dreams and visions to keep back their souls from the pit (Job 33). Those who have gone to hell pushed God away. They knew the truth (Rom. 1) but willingly rejected Jesus, even knowing the judgment to come. God will not tolerate sin, and will never allow it in heaven.

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