Jonathan Cahn’s ‘The Harbingers of Things to Come’ Unites People in Prayer, Praise and Worship at Movie Theaters

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Shawn Akers

Moviegoers throughout the country, ask yourselves this poignant question: Have you ever gone to see a film in a public theater and, at the end, heard someone break out in a gospel hymn to praise God? Have you ever seen people break out in prayer following a movie?

Most likely the answer to both of those questions is a resounding no. But then Jonathan Cahn’s The Harbingers of Things to Come, which debuted in 823 theaters nationwide last Thursday night, May 12, is no ordinary movie.

And many of those who went to see the much-anticipated film from the bestselling author of The Harbinger are no ordinary entertainment-seekers. They are believers in Jesus Christ who are hungry for worldwide revival and a move of God that will bring light to the cultural darkness we are seeing these days.

Lisa Hanneman Pickelheimer, from the Cincinnati, Ohio, area, says she witnessed something Thursday night she would never expect at a public movie theater after seeing The Harbingers of Things to Come.

“In our theater, at the end, someone started singing ‘How Great Thou Art,’ and people joined her until there [were] about 10 of us singing it,” Pickelheimer commented on Cahn’s Facebook page. “It was a very special experience.”

In Gardendale, Texas, Salena Bradford McMahon says she witnessed a man who, after the showing of the film, spontaneously broke out in intercession for the country, something that is sorely needed from Christ-followers today.

“It was a life-changing message,” McMahon says. “There was a man who stood up after the movie and began to pray over America and over the audience. It was powerful.”

Cahn, who saw the movie for the first time in a theater Thursday night in New Jersey, was delighted with the audience’s reaction.

“It was more powerful than I had imagined it,” Cahn says. “I attribute that to the Lord’s anointing on those who made it. The people in the movie theater were speechless. Most of them didn’t realize I was there until the end.

“At the end, the people applauded, and then it broke out into spontaneous prayer and intercession for revival,” he says. “I heard that happened all over America. I couldn’t have been more blessed and overwhelmed by what I saw happening in the movie theater and what I heard has happened and is happening around the nation.”

Moviegoers left hundreds of messages on Cahn’s Facebook page following the initial showing of The Harbingers of Things to Come. Here are only a few:

“Lots of prayer at the end. I’ve read part of the books and knew most of it, but it is an excellent wake-up call/prompting, while things are changing.” — Ruth Venuti Clevenger, Port Orange, Florida.

“It was exciting in our theater. The showing, the prayer—all just an amazing experience. Definitely a must-see!” — Kate Luna.

“Have read the books, but so good to see all of the actual locations that were described in the books. Amazing story, builds my faith. Our viewing group was led in prayer. Also got to pray with a couple. Can’t wait to read the next book.” Ann Carroll, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

“We went to see the movie last night. It was incredible and we were amazed and we could feel the presence of the Lord in the theater. Praying more fervently for our country.” —Dede Evors Jordan, Bluffton, South Carolina.

“Words cannot acclaim the power and anointing on this movie! We too broke out in prayer after it was done! The urgency of where we are at was felt by all!” —Eric Carlson.

“At the end of the movie, my spirit was so stirred and I just couldn’t contain it and started praying out loud. People joined in and it was a beautiful unity moment of prayer that filled the cinema. Thank you so much for such an amazing movie, Rabbi!” —Angel N. Chan.

“It was just amazing. Wish I could see it again. He is such a gift from God for our times!” —Lynn Koch, Clovis, California.

Cahn’s latest book, The Return of the Gods,, is set to release on Sept. 6, 2022. In this book, Cahn takes the reader on a journey from an ancient parable, the ancient inscriptions in Sumer, Assyria and Babylonia that become the puzzle pieces behind what is taking place in our world to this day, specifically in America.

The Return of the Gods is not only one of the most explosive books you’ll ever read, but also one of the most profound. It will reveal the most stunning secrets and truths behind what is happening before your eyes in America and the nations. You will see things, even in your world, in a whole new light.

Thursday night’s premiere was the first of a two-night showing of The Harbingers of Things to Come. For those who did not have the opportunity to see the acclaimed film Thursday night, a second showing will take place next Thursday, May 19, in the same 800 locations. You can purchase your tickets at fathomevents.com.

Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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