Is There a Revival of the Ten Commandments in Schools?

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James Lasher

Is America on the precipice of bringing God back into the fold of society and righting the wrong that was made decades ago?

As education in America continues to sputter and fail at actually instructing youth in being productive, moral and upstanding citizens, it now appears that several states are going back to the basics that made this nation great.

And that is putting God at the forefront.

Recently, the Louisiana Senate passed House Bill 71, which will require (meaning it won’t be an option for teachers) schools to display the Ten Commandments in all publicly funded classrooms.

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“The nature of the display shall be determined by each governing authority with a minimum requirement that the Ten Commandments shall be displayed on a poster or framed document that is at least 11 inches by 14 inches,” the bill reads.

“The text of the Ten Commandments shall be the central focus of the poster or framed document and shall be printed in a large, easily readable font.”

This bill which may soon become law follows a similar bill in Utah, which would allow the Ten Commandments to be displayed, but not required, along another historical document, the Magna Carta.

There are those within the Louisiana senate that view the Ten Commandments as an important historical document due to its great influence on the Founding Fathers and the role it played in the founding of the nation.

“The purpose is not solely religious,” Sen. J. Adam Bass, R-Bossier City, said in front of the senate. “Rather, it is the Ten Commandments’ historical significance, which is simply one of many documents that display the history of our country and foundation of our legal system.”

Meanwhile, the bill’s author, Rep. Dodie Horton, said this came from a place of faith for her, and educating children.

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“I’m not concerned with an atheist. I’m not concerned with a Muslim,” she said when asked about teachers who might not believe in the Ten Commandments. “I’m concerned with our children looking and seeing what God’s law is.”

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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