Christian Leader, Worshippers Attacked During Service’s Livestream

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James Lasher

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Sydney, Australia, just suffered its second stabbing attack mere days after six people were killed at a local mall.

On the evening of Apr. 15, a suspected radical Islamist attacked Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, leader of Wakeley’s Christ the Good Shepherd Church, an Assyrian Orthodox church.

Bishop Mar Mari has a large social media following, with reactions to his sermons often going viral.

The service was being livestreamed Monday, Apr. 15 (Australia time), and caught the entire attack in real-time.

As Mar Mari noticed the attacker approaching him, the man began stabbing him repeatedly as they fell to the floor with the congregation erupting in screams.

Congregants rushed to Mar Mari’s side and tackled the assailant who managed to stab several other congregants before he was fully subdued. The victims were being treated for lacerations. Injuries were listed as not life-threatening. While pinned by the members of the church, the attacker can be seen smiling on the floor.

Much of the footage of the protest was obtained by a reporter with the X handle “Chriscoveries,” who spoke to a man who is believed to have pinned the assailant, and revealed he was shouting “Allahu Akbar” during the attack.

After police arrived on the scene to apprehend the attacker, a large crowd gathered outside of the church chanting “bring him out,” referring to the man who attacked Mar Mari.

Police armed with riot shields then removed the many people gathered outside of the church’s parking lot shortly after the incident, a much swifter and strong-handed response than the Australian police have been utilizing at pro-Palestinian protests.

Mar Mari has gained considerable fame for his anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine stance during the pandemic, as well as his criticism of Israel and the attacks that killed Gazan civilians.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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