‘Bible Scholars’ Pushing Insane Conspiracy Theories on Jesus

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James Lasher

In a recent video, Christian media personality Ruslan KD shined a spotlight on the egregious theories some are pushing within the Christian community about Jesus.

These scholars actually question the Bible’s authenticity while exploring alternative narratives that never found their place within the canonical texts, but instead originate in the book of Thomas.

Their theory: That Thomas was actually Jesus’ twin brother, who just so happens to have never been talked about in the Bible.

Bible scholars across denominations widely acknowledge that Jesus had at least one brother, James, who initially did not follow Him during His earthly ministry. This is a crucial aspect of Jesus’s life, as James later became a prominent figure in the early Christian movement after Jesus’s Resurrection. His transformation from skeptic to devout believer serves as compelling evidence for Jesus’ Messianic claims.

“An identical twin, identical not only in looks but in supernatural power,” Ruslan incredulously details the newest theory to discredit the Word of God and the miracle of the Resurrection.

“You see where this is going, right?” Ruslan asks. “Well then when Jesus died on the cross, He came back alive, it was really His twin.”

Not only does this theory completely invalidate the sacrifice on the cross and Jesus’ victory over sin and death, it also cancels Jesus’ unique position as the perfect sacrifice since it introduces another perfect, divine being born of Mary. About which, of course, the angel Gabriel said nothing, nor did anyone else who wrote the Gospels of the New Testament.

Ruslan correctly eviscerates this insane theory that is being promulgated by people regarded as Bible scholars who are displaying astounding depths of ignorance of the Scriptures.

Grasping at straws which are not even there, the video Ruslan references tries to connect invisible dots by suggesting the relevance of the name “Thomas” is in its Aramaic meaning, “twin.” When this name was transliterated into Greek, an “s” was added to create “Thomas.” This Greek convention was intended to fit the name into the grammatical structure of the Greek language. However, it was misconstrued by some as evidence of an identical twin for Jesus.

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“So now we’ve got these Gnostic Gospels, these heretical gospels, these gospels that are completely coloring outside the lines of what the consensus was on Orthodox Christianity at that time, and because these fan-fiction are there, now you’re going to take this and somehow try to make a justification on some Da Vinci code vibes on why this is reasonable or historical in the slightest?” Ruslan continues.

Herein lies another excellent example, as though today’s world and culture needs more, for Christians to be aware of the absolute necessity of biblical literacy. If a Christian knows the Word of God and the wisdom, truth and knowledge held within it, then they are equipped to call out these false teachings for what they are: lunacy.

Jesus stands apart from the rest of humanity as the One perfect being, and His perfection according to God’s righteousness, morality and principles is what justified His perfect sacrifice on the cross for the remission of humanities sins. God accepted this perfect blood offering, allowing for His creation, man, to receive salvation through Jesus Christ.

Not some hypothetical twin who is being elevated to the same level as Jesus Christ.

These types of heretical teachings are finding far more reach in today’s information age. The internet is capable of being the medium for the Bible to reach all corners of the earth, while at the same time pushing false doctrine and deceiving those without biblical literacy.

Just as it is written in 2 Peter 2, and a multitude of passages in the Bible, there were false teachers and prophets during the early Christian church and they are in today’s world as well. As the world continues toward the end times prophesied in Revelation, these falsehoods will become more and more prevalent and it is the duty and responsibility to call out false doctrines that take away from the divinity and holiness of Jesus Christ.

To watch Ruslan KD’s full video on the conspiracy of Jesus’ twin, click here.

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.

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