4 Steps to Create Massive Momentum in Your Life

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What if you became positively unstoppable?

Momentum isn’t just about speed. It’s about becoming unstoppable. The issue is whether or not the momentum in your life is moving you forward, helping you reach your greatest potential. If not, then it’s time to develop the kind of momentum you need in order to turn things around. How do you create positive, forward momentum that will help unleash your potential?

Creating positive momentum is not as hard as you may think. There are four words and actions that you can immediately start to implement to help create the kind of momentum you need: eliminate, elevate, delegate and replicate. These easy-to-remember words embody the exact action steps you can take, right now, to create unstoppable, positive momentum—in any and every area of life where you want it.

Eliminate lesser things, the things that don’t prioritize your life vision, purpose and passion. Why let other people’s priorities squeeze out yours? You have to start saying no to lesser things and yes to what’s really important in your life. Start doing that right now. Don’t put it off.

Elevate what’s most important and unique to you. Life is too short to put what’s most important on the back burner. When you elevate what’s important, you put things front and center, and you work on them 100%. Take those things off the back burner and put them right in front of you. Don’t let perfectionism paralyze you. Elevate what’s most important—now.

Delegate to others as much as possible the things others can do, so you do only the things in life only you can do. This takes some adjustment to get used to, but every massively successful person became so as they focused on the unique contributions that they alone could make to the world that no one else could. Delegate what you can, so you can focus on what you need to elevate.

Replicate the above approach to life—one day at a time—and be relentless. Just focus on one day at a time, and the weeks, months, years and decades will take care of themselves. Yours will become a life of massive momentum, and you’ll experience a level of peace you used to dream about.

You only have one life this side of forever. Go for it, now!

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Michael Anthony is a speaker, author and the host of the Courageous Nation Podcast. With a life full of adversity, he survived multiple brushes with death and several kidnapping/luring attempts as a child. He or his works have been featured in major news outlets like the New York Times, CNN, Charisma and more. His debut book, A Call for Courage: Living with Power, Truth, and Love in an Age of Intolerance and Fear, can be found wherever books are sold. His websites are couragematters.com and michaelanthonyofficial.com.

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